Age 30 – 400 days: Many benefits. What I got in the end was a newer me.


400 days here, want to write in on some physical, and mental benefits I have gained gradually over this period. To keep this brief, the benefits are not what this is all about. The benefits are just the natural effects after I have rid myself of all the bad habits, wrong views and perspectives.
However, I am still focusing on doing my best each day and constantly improving on my faults. In short, I am immensely grateful to have discovered my real self and it is far too long-winded to write everything in this post.

So what has nofap got to do with this? Utilizing the sexual energy gave me a very uncomfortable start whether I wanted to or not. It was if it my earth plates violently shifted, volcanoes erupted and wiped out all life followed by a tsunami that can be seen from Jupiter. What I got in the end was a newer me.

  • Hair became thick, 100% full and black (Before nofap, had weak, dry silver hair)
  • Eyes shine with a crystal-like brilliance. More mind-boggling is, both eyes became equal in size (right eye used to be smaller than left eye)
  • No tiredness after waking up (4 hours sleep feels like 10 hours of sleep, some days I could do away with sleep)
  • Not needing to eat as much, maybe once at most (one of the most unexpected but practical and useful benefit for me)
  • Had myopia, but stopped wearing glasses (One day just felt like I didn’t need any to see things anymore)
  • Voice change (Didn’t expect my voice to become, deeper, and resonating with soul)
  • Calm under any situation (used to have shakes, nervousness and anxiety)
  • Ability to influence and make people do things (hardly ever use it since there is nothing I want, other than make people be nice to each other)
  • Attraction stories (too many to name, but generally it’s all in the same vein, women become very friendly, chatty, flirty and helpful)
  • Attraction stories again (guys will also become attracted to you)
  • Compassion and joy among animals, plant-life and all life in general (becoming a Disney princess was never my intent but nonetheless this is what I feel, that all life is precious and they are all trying as hard)
  • Unpleasant people and situations don’t make me upset and throw me off balance (changing circumstances and conditions don’t affect me as much now)
  • Stable, peaceful and serene feelings (being with myself was unbearable before, was always looking for distractions and quick-fixes)
  • Ending here for now but I’ll be here for the next 24 hours to try to clarify any doubts and assist you in your life if I can

LINK – 400 days report (physical and mental benefits)

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