Age 30 – ED is 100% cured. To say my whole life started over 130 days ago would be an understatement

Well holy shit fellas. To say my whole life started over 130 days ago would be an understatement. Each stage of this journey brings something new, and I truly think that 90 days is the tip of the iceberg

in this dandy little shit show.

Here’s what I’ve changed in my life since starting nofap: Quit eating sugar, quit chewing tobacco, quit eating processed food, stopped fantasizing about sex all damn day, going to church at least 5 times a week sometimes more, everything is clean…my car, home, office, you name it, all to do’s are done in advance, very limited time spent on my computer and watching tv.

No shit, I could keep going for a while. My ED is 100% cured. I know this because I MO’d a few times during the first few weeks quitting chewing because I can’t explain to you how badly I needed some type of release.

My advice, get the hell off social media, internet, tv, and go start cultivating new relationships with the people on this lovely planet. It’s proven over and over again to be the only road to happiness…go take a drive on it fellas, with your feet out the window in the breeze, and saying I don’t give a fuck, I’m here to enjoy my life and put my demons behind me. Peace.

LINK – Best 130 Days of my Life

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Life is gradually getting better my fellow nofappers. I rarely come and check on things here and don’t have to count days. That’s a blessing. I still battle this addiction almost daily though…but it’s much easier now than the first months. I’ll tell you what’s fucked up though, the number of dumb asses on here that have this whole NOFAP thing completely wrong.

No you don’t get super powers…you might get a few days of euphoria because something that used to be mundane finally releases the proper neurotransmitters and you think its amazing…but that shit wears off. I once dry humped a sunrise about a month and a half into my journey. I thought, oh my gosh, what if everyday of the rest of my life will be like this!!! I was a dumb ass. No, actually, I was a very lost young man on the beginning path of recovery dealing with a brain that was not functioning properly.

Back to the super powers delusion…they don’t happen after a day, a week, not after thirty days. Shut the fuck up you juveniles and become men. That’s the goal here. To become men that respect women. To become men that can walk by a gal on the street and not be focused on her ass but her smile and be curious about her interests, clothes, family, fart flavor, etc.

Six months gone and I’m so incredibly a different man…but at the same time, the exact same person I was before. The thought of watching porn appeals to me about as much as watching cartoons does. Put that in a fucking book because it’s the truth. Porn is as far from reality as those garbage Looney Tunes cartoons we watched as kids. Could there be a connection there? Maybe.

Don’t do activities on your computer or phone that resemble porn browsing. Such as scrolling through Facebook, checking out babes on tinder, or, those are things that you’ll have to put behind you.

Last comment I have for you young and green horn nofappers is don’t underestimate this addiction. This addiction is nasty. It will probably need professional help for most, because actually speaking with a human about this is so much more soothing. This addiction has much deeper roots than you realize. It’s a long recovery, but don’t let that scare you. Learn about your condition, branch out, help each other, get new hobbies, get out there and live your fucking lives.

Don’t use this place to cry about your relapses, use it as a place to learn why they happened and move on. There’s a 90’s pop group called Boys2Men. That’s what you need to do. Turn your boyish pathetic self, into a man with a cock so big it’s snow capped.

Half a Fuckin’ Year Fellas