Age 30 – Enjoying women as people, I walk around proud. Update: PIED seems resolved.


I can officially say this is the longest I’ve gone without touching myself in 20 years. It’s funny, Nofap has become so normal to me now that I don’t really think about it much in my day-to-day life, but just a few months ago I was always looking forward to PMO at the end of the day and even edging during the day.

My PMO sessions weren’t taking hours or the only thing on my mind all day, but I definitely developed PIED and had issues connecting with sexual partners. I don’t think I’m a bad person, but it got to the point where the only girls I could keep it up for and really experience pleasure with were girls who did things straight out of porn or who let me dominate them 50 Shades of Grey style.

With that being said, here are some of the changes I’ve noticed between day 0 and day 100:

Sexual things:

  • I don’t touch my dick anymore unless it’s to pee or I need to scratch it. My first instinct when I saw a sexy photo was to rub my dick through my pants. This got me hard, which got me excited. If I stopped I’d get blue balls, so I’d just end up jerking off. Now if I get a boner or see a sexy image I’ll have urges for a minute, but if I don’t touch myself they go away within a minute and I’m fine. The only time I got blue balls during Nofap was in the beginning was I was still edging from time to time.
  • I still get the urge to MO all the time, and sometimes I seriously think about acting on it….But the act of touching my dick in a sexual way has been removed from my mind that I can’t even think about doing it. So I just fight the urge for a bit and then go about my life.
  • I’m more interested in women as people. I assumed that not jerking off for over 3 months would turn me into a horn dog who only views women as sex objects. But I found that I’m more open to talking to woman and listening to them.
  • If I get rejected my brain also doesn’t immediately default to “Fucking bitch!” Instead I just move on. I’m also less outcome dependent when it comes to getting laid. I went back to a bar that I used to try and pick up chicks in after a year long hiatus, and I found I was more comfortably just approaching chicks and making small talk, and this lead to longer interactions. I didn’t get any girls or numbers, but I honestly didn’t care.
  • After my last flatline ended around day 90 I started being able to get boners within seconds from just fantasizing. Even at my horniest pre-Nofap I’d still have to rub myself to get hard. Of course this is fine as long as I don’t touch my dick when it’s hard.

There’s also this saying going around that “Your vibe attracts your tribe”. I noticed a couple weeks into Nofap that people were smiling at me more and willing to make small talk. I assumed that I was radiating some aura or that people could sense my semen retention.

But that’s not it at all. I replaced PMO with healthy activities such as daily exercise and reading. I felt pride in being able to beat urges, and it made me walk around proud with my head held high. I also had less of a frown on my face all the time in public. So if I’m in a good mood, people will pick up on it and want some of my positivity by interacting with me.

However, these superpowers I had went away almost completely during my flatline periods. And it wasn’t due to some cosmic imbalance. It was because I felt like shit during my flatlines. So when I walked by people they would see I was slumped over with no light in my eyes, and they’d think “What a lump” and then ignore me. I also messed things up with a girl inadvertently because of this – I knew her during my superpower periods and kissed her right before I entered a flatline. Then when we were trying to set up a date I hit the flatline and was just not the same positive person I was before. I think she could sense that, and it never panned out.

I also got into my worst flatline after having sex about 60 days in. I wasn’t fully rebooted and therefore the sex still felt as crappy as it did pre-Nofap. I realized when it was over that I had set myself back and shouldn’t have done that So I suggest abstaining from sex for at least 90 days, even an orgasm through sex can fuck you up.

So here’s to 100 more days!


By Nickzreg

Damn, it’s a great feeling to have had the control to make it to 90 days. I can also safely say this is the longest time I’ve gone without PMO since my adolescence when puberty kicked in.

My reboot isn’t completely finished yet, though, as I’m slowly coming out of a flatline and still have yet to get all my superpowers back (They were strong as hell in the beginning, then I spent pretty much 2 months in and out of flatline periods).

Here are some tips for you guys who are struggling:

  • DON’T TOUCH YOUR DICK UNLESS YOU’RE TAKING A PISS!!! This is a major point I learned. I found that prior to Nofap my first instinct when seeing a photo/video of a sexy girl or something pornographic was to immediately start rubbing my dick through my pants. This then leads to a boner, which then leads to PMO. By not touching yourself you not only reduce the urge to edge and MO, but you also keep from prolonging your boner and it’ll eventually go away in a couple minutes at most.
  • Make sure you replace PMO with something healthy, such as a hobby or exercise. I try and run or hit the gym everyday, and it’s great for keeping the libido in check. I was already pretty active before Nofap, but in the past 90 days I’ve lost almost 20 pounds and I’m much leaner than I was before.
  • Be social and talk to people. When my superpowers kick in I get a ton of confidence and I’m more likely to strike up conversations or small talk with strangers. I’ve also worked on looking people in the eye when speaking to them, something I never really did before.
  • Flatlines will happen, and they suck. But don’t give up. They’ll eventually go away and you’ll feel so much better afterwards. I’m coming out of one now, and my libido is back – The urges suck, but it’s great that I now have this sexual energy that I can harness into other aspects of my life such as exercise or social situations.
  • Don’t have sex during your reboot period unless you already have a partner. I had sex around day 55 with a random girl from a bar during a flatline, and I’m pretty sure it extended my flatline and reboot period. It just wasn’t enjoyable – Even though I hadn’t orgasmed in 2 months, my dick still felt the same as it did prior to Nofap, and the orgasm itself just kind of dribbled out of my dick. I’m pretty sure this was my body telling me I wasn’t ready.

One thing I did before Nofap was I limited myself to jerking off one day a week until my libido was gone. I did this for about a year, which made the transition to not jerking off at all a lot easier. I can’t imagine going from PMO once a day to nothing at all, so you may have to work up to it.

Also, PMO is really more a habit than an actual need for guys. What I mean is that we usually have a ritual for our PMO sessions – They happen at the same time, in the same spot, and we do the same things to get there. Chances are we really don’t need to clean the pipes at all, we just do it because it’s a habit (Honestly, have you ever not been horny but tried to work yourself up to PMO? Cuz I have).

Try doing something during your normal PMO time to occupy your hands and mind. And if worse comes to worse, just realize that you’ll eventually find ways to deal with the urges along the way. The urges suck at first, but within the first month you’ll learn how to handle them and realize that not every boner has to be taken care of through PMO. Hell, use that energy to try and bang a real human girl if you’re up for it.

I used to edge in the beginning and it just gave me blue balls. Honestly, once my boners go away I don’t feel the urge to MO anymore, so I have no doubt that edging and touching were just making it worse.

I’m 30. My biggest thing was I was having issues with PIED. It came to a head when I had the hottest girl I’ve ever been with over (She was a beauty pageant winner)…..And I couldn’t get it up because I had jerked off twice earlier that day. And even if I hadn’t jerked off in a while, I still had some issues with other girls.

The last time I jerked off was basically the anniversary of when the beauty pageant girl was over. I was only jerking off about one day a week at this point, but it was a  Sunday morning and the first thing I did was jerk off as part of my ritual. After I finished I decided to take a shower, and as I was going through my drawers I found that  hot girl’s panties that she left over here. It was a reminder of a huge failure, and so I decided that would be the last time I fapped.

I still have some rebooting to go before I can truly say whether or not my PIED is gone. It was still kind of there when I had sex last – Even though I hadn’t orgasmed in  2 months, I still had trouble getting it up (It may have also been because I was drunk and the girl wasn’t all that attractive). I also don’t like condoms, and it was a like a  0/50 chance that I’d lose my rod as soon as I put one on. Although, that’s not as bad as a lot of my friends. I know some guys who are in their late 20’s and take  Viagra before sex. They’re in the primes of their lives and can’t get it up.

LINK – 90 days!!!! It’s easier to get here than you think

By Nickzreg


UPDATE– 4 MONTHS!!! – Observations about my dick at 124 days and tips to prevent relapse

I had problems with PIED or ED before starting nofap, starting when I lost my virginity at 18. It didn’t really become a huge problem until my late 20s when I had to force myself to get horny, as well as force myself to cum. I assume I just had low T or my dick was broken.

The thing is it’s not like I was watching hours of porn a day, either, I PMO’d once a day at most before bed. I just became so desensitized over time that real women barely did anything for me unless they did wild porn stuff.

Man, it’s crazy that I’ve gotten this far. Around day 10 I was having some insanely bad urges and was wondering if all of Nofap would be like this. But I honestly have to say that the first 2-3 weeks were the worst part – You’re addicted to PMO and you need it, so your brain goes nuts when it’s without it. But then you start flatlining and get dead dick, which is horrible on its own because you have no sexual energy to harness to give you “superpowers”. But then you come out of the flatline(s) when you’re fully rebooted and suddenly you have a libido again, and you’re able to deal with it through healthy habits you’ve (Hopefully) picked up during Nofap.

For me the biggest thing is never touching my dick unless I need to pee or scratch it. I realize in the past that most of my PMO was forced – I’d look at a sexy photo or video, and my first instinct was to touch my dick and try to get hard even if I wasn’t horny. This in turn leads to horniness, which then leads to PMO. By simply not touching my dick when I get an urge then I won’t get a boner and the urge will fade away. I also try to get in some type of hard physical exercise (Lifting weights or running) every day, and that curbs the libido a bit.

However, I’m not perfect. I’ll admit that the urges have been really strong lately, and I did in fact edge a little bit last week before thankfully stopping myself. That day I woke up with really hard morning wood, and all morning I was popping giant boners for no reason. At one point I popped a random boner while checking my email and I decided to undo my pants and see how long it could stand on its own. In the past I’d have to constantly be touching myself to maintain any semblance of an erection. But this time I had my dick out full-mast and managed to keep it hard and erect for 5 minutes without touching it while responding to boring work emails (From home, mind you). I found that without touching I was even able to prolong the erection simply by squeezing my PC muscle, which allowed more blood to flow in.

An hour later I got another boner and decided to do this experiment again. Except this time…..I touched myself a little bit. I had to stop because my dick was more sensitive than I’ve ever remembered it being in my life. My hands were a little cold, but that coldness was like a shockwave. In addition, I barely touched my dick with 2 fingers, but I had to stop 30 seconds in because I thought I was on my way to cumming. Every little sensation on my dick seemed like it was amplified 10 times. This is a far cry from beating my calloused dick for an hour and barely feeling like cumming.

I’ve had sex once around day 50 during a flatline, but I hadn’t rebooted yet and my dick was still pretty numb. So I’m really curious as to how sex will feel now. I’ve never had sex without abstaining from PMO, so I’m assuming I’ve never truly felt real sex before. But I’d like to try it, and the confidence and physical fitness I’ve picked up during Nofap are sure to help me get some soon.