Age 30 – Feeling like a king!


Wow can’t beleive I’ve finally made it – fucking 90 days. Where do I even start it’s hard to tell, I’ll start from how I felt before and how I feel today. I am a computer programmer, 30 years old male. Been addicted to to weed for about 7 years and porn for about 17 years.

Didn’t touch weed 8 months, I used to hate the world, overthink, social anxiety. zombie, no energy, lifeless compensating with porn as much as I could. I always thought my biggest problem was weed but also after cutting this I’ve saw a lot of problems in my life and of course it was because porn was so dominate. It’s been a lot of ups and downs this 3 months, not easy to say the least but truely a life changing experience.

I’ve broke up with a 3 years girlfriend and that because she I am not settling, I’ve came out to the world, met girls, became so social at work with such a confidence I never thought would be possible without drugs. My voice is amazing I can feel the testosterone running and I can experience a lot of the benefits many have already mentioned here enough times. I am living the life I want, I am so loyal to my self and don’t take any bullshit from no one, and the amazing part I do it now in such a nice and social way that is amazing to me.

I have my bad days as well but there are not even close to what it used to be. I though Im gonna marry my ex and I can live amazing also without her. Guys listen to me, It doesn’t matter how many posts you will read here or how much you will “try” You have to decide, you have to do it for yourself, you have to do it even only for checking out what will it do for you. You can always return to porn, I know I set another 30 days goal for starters.

Guys listen to me, it’s the best thing you will ever do for your self, You dont have to do it all, all the gym and cold showers and meditation. Just dont masterbate it will truely transform you.

I can happily say I am a happy man now and I’ve had a major breakup 3 weeks ago.

All the best, I appriciate all of you for posting your posts, It kept me going when the urges really kicked in.

LINK – Feeling like a king – 90 days recap 🙂

By  ManAgain