Age 30 – “Hell” = the last day of your life & you meet the person who you could have become


I initially started the no fap program because I wanted to pick up women, and I did get laid with handful of them, got lot of attention from opposite sex, but since feb 2016 I have been in a serious relationship with a really hot girl who happens to be a teacher & a boxer who has heart of gold. I have learnt a great deal of things the power of semen retention , sexual transmutation, neuroplasticity, brahmacharya etc. And this has been a great learning experience & I practice karezza with gf.

Now my priorities have evolved and I am no longer bothered with attracting the opposite sex because there is certainly more to life than getting laid. One day I will be standing in front of my dreams and that will be the day when I will be functioning at my maximum potential.

Life is too short to be a wanker. Definition of hell is: on the last day of your life, you will meet the person who you could have become.

This is a great community, but I will be renouncing my smart phone & limiting my internet instant gratification time.

Choose self discipline not instant gratification. Because you can’t be wasting away your life sitting on the internet expecting your higher calling to strike you. And if it did, would you have the resources (self discipline) to fulfill your calling!?

Choose life! Don’t kill time. Be the person who your parents want you to be.

I have been a part of this community since October 2015 and I have had long streaks off 43 days 35 days 17 days & so on. I feel like my brain has 80% healed from the damage porn had caused. I never really touch 90 days but I feel 90 days is  just a benchmark and I was smart enough not to Fret over every relapse instead, I would take it as a learning experience I would record a video of myself after a relapse and then watch it again when the urges would come up.

I hope someone out there can relate to what I am trying to convey, even if this post can inspire one person out there, it was worth my time.

Be good & stay golden, people!

LINK – So I turned 30 today! This will be my last post. Thank you for everything, NoFap community 🙂

by Kidpoker86