Age 30 – Honest description after 69 days


30 year-old male. Hard-mode. Single. Benefits

  • Decreased social anxiety – Social anxiety was a daily torment pre-NoFap. Now, going up and talking to people is much easier. I’ve been drinking less since starting NoFap and I think it’s because I don’t need the Dutch courage of alcohol as much as I did before
  • Social skills – people talk about ‘SUPERPOWERS’ e.g. greater wit, more attractive etc. I say these are some of many positive byproducts of simply feeling more comfortable in your own skin. I have found greater self-acceptance and healthy self-love as a result of NoFap. Nofap has undoubtedly made people feel more relaxed around me because I’m more relaxed around them. This may explain why people report NoFap makes them more attractive.
  • Natural highs – occasionally experience these subtle feelings of euphoria similar to MDMA. A single-shot latte twice a day makes me feel warm and fuzzy
  • Improved working memory – I take improv classes. Remembering what people say and do is key to being a competent team member. My ability to retain information in this capacity has noticeably improved since NoFap
  • Willpower – I have become more cognisant of my vices. My self-control is much improved. Recommend: Maximum Willpower by Kelly McGonigal (props to /u/luluon for rec)
  • Desires – my desires have shifted away from quick objectifying fixes to more deep emotional, spiritual connection and sensual pursuits
  • Dreams – recall is effortless. Experiences are more vivid. To my knowledge I haven’t had a wet dream since I started, instead I recall more sensual dreams of kissing and touching.
  • Mental clarity – Improved since NoFap. Occasionally, it’s startlingly clear
  • Creative Productivity – written a short film and going into production next week all since starting NoFap. Whilst not unusual, I can confirm that my ability to juggle multiple stressful situations during this process has improved as a result of NoFap.

Note on Fantasising

As an experiment, around day 45 I allowed myself to fantasise about a real sexual experience. I was sat on a ski lift clipped into my board at the time so there was little chance of MO. The fantasy lasted about 2-3 minutes. I found that for a week or so after I was more anxious and insecure, my willpower took a dive and my working memory was shot. Whilst not a PMO relapse, my sense is that it set my receptor healing back.

Things that helped


  • Read YBOP from cover to cover – understanding the Science has been essential to my recovery
  • Download the relapse prevention app – helps remind you why you’re doing this – kick your willpower back into action
  • Read all NoFap’s ’Top’ posts


  • Meditation – I do 2x 20 mins transcendental meditation each day. Improved my mental clarity, memory and self-awareness
  • Diary – download a simple diary app on your phone and jot down how you’re feeling once a day. It helped me to become more aware of myself, helped me combat urges, meant I could talk about how I’m feeling any time I wanted without feeling like I’m oversharing / worried about how it might come across to another person.
  • Cold showers – Start warm, gradually decrease temperature, try and stay under cold for 2 minutes for the cognition benefits. The buzz when you step out is more potent than any amount of caffeine, and it’s a completely natural high. All the Science on this supports the reports of improved willpower and mental clarity (Google: Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick)

Edit: Worth mentioning that I already meditated, kept a diary and took cold showers pre-NoFap, so the reported benefits can all be attributed to NoFap.

LINK – Day 69 – Honest results and recommendations

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