Age 30 – I got “ME” back, sense of humor

I enjoy the thought of being a man who is on the real journey of outplaying one of the most evil beasts of our time – PMO (if you get to the core, that beast is actually an “old me”).

I basically have to go to Nofap if I want to remember what day I’m on. In other words, before I reached 120 threshold I always counted them days especially when I was getting close to 120 days of nofap. But once I reached them.. I just kind of don’t give a shit what day I’m on, sometimes I even feel too arrogant in thinking that fapping is not an issue for me no more, but we all know that could be a very slippery road, so I just.. “am”.

I have to admit I haven’t done a great deal of improving that would change my life drastically, but I did conquer some other little beasts along and while nofap journey which are: smoking (6 weeks smoke-free), caffeine (same), alcohol (3 months free), pig’s meat (since beginning of nofap). So yes, it does feel good. Everything is possible, if you really want it.

I’m 30 years old (turning 31 soon), 15 of which I fapped, and 10 of those years were abusive pmoing. You have no idea how badly i wanted this to being free again.. FREE AGAIN!!!!!!!))))))) I THANK GOD EACH DAY WHEN IM SHOWERING IN THE EVENING – “THANKS GOD THAT I LIVE PMO-FREE AND SMOKEFREE LIFE!”.

I think one of the major benefits is getting “ME version” before I got addicted to pmo back (roughly “me version” of 10 years ago). Not taking shit from no one – is one of them. And being mixed with martial arts trainings- that is deadly substance, sometimes it even scares myself cause I’m not fully got used to this kind of confidence/arrogance(sometimes it’s hard to tell which one is it)

2d major benefit is sense of humor. Although I don’t magnetize chicks, cause I partially still have that “guilty” mindset, but I can easily make a laugh with acquaintances and coworkers, Even if it’s not that funny but i do find it funny – I just laugh and don’t give a shit. But I’d more give a credit for this “sense of humor” mostly to quitting nicotine, because i noticed this thing a long time ago when I had tried to quit cigarettes, you simply enjoy life more and you’re in a far better mood on average if you don’t smoke.

Chicks? Naaaahhh.., still not good. I kind of.. don’t have that big craving to fuck someone or merely have a girlfriend. I just live for now, adjusting myself to this “old-new me” and later will come later. What’s there I don’t know, but if you try and live good, everything should come into place sooner or later.

[When asked about ED] I cannot give you a straight answer since I didn’t have experience with girls apart from hookers. I had fucked around 20 hookers in 3-4 weeks period just a month before I quit fapping. And i don’t remember EDs, although I always had a feeling that I might be quick on the trigger (premature ejaculation), but maybe due to the fact that I was always drunk when fucking hookers, I don’t remember premature ejaculation to be the case at that time. So.. sorry, I don’t have a straight answer to you, I still have to explore that.

120 is a “must” to those who wants to look differently at pmo. I wish you the same, those who really want it.

LINK – Day 141. Thoughts.

By  ioann07

UPDATE Day 142. Put a new my life record today, – ran 3 km in 13.22 mins.

So its basically two life records today, both in run and nofap, but since I dont really count them days no more on purpose, I’m quite happy with the record in running. My previous record was 13.32 about a week ago. And bear in mind that Im 30 years old(turning 31 in a few months) and had been an abusive smoker for ten years. When I was 16 I was studying at military liceum(i didnt smoke back then) and my best record was 14.30 for 3 km(I hated running actually back then, and i’ve never even been overweight).

Also I put this record just an hour ago, I slept about 4 hours last night, did a 9 hours work shift, went straight to my martial arts training after work, and in the end after my training i went to the stadium and first I ran about 1 km in easy mode- jogging(like 6 mins/1km) and then I did those 3 km. Im proud of myself. Is it nofap? I dont know, honest. Partially, definately- yes. I quit smoking on 5th of May(over 6 weeks now). So that helps too I guess.

Had a really shitty day at work actually. Had an argument with arrogant lady-cook. I had enough on taking shit from her. I think i might quit that job pretty soon if everything goes well with some ideas and plans. Going fucking back there tomorrow morning.