Age 30 – I’m a f*king superhero

I don’t just have superpowers, I’m a f*king superhero. Not in the sense of burning shit with laser eyes or flying through the air, but I am definitely not on the same playing field as almost anyone I know.

It’s a confidence thing. When necessary, I can stare down anyone in an argument or conversation and show a degree of seriousness that no one can match.

My mind is sharp and my thinking is logical and orderly. When I see something I want, I go for it and get it. I am confident in my abilities and believe that I shall succeed… and I couldn’t have said any of the above 200 days ago.

Stay strong people, the rewards are real… your life really only begins when NoFap starts. Make it count.

[History] PMOing daily since I was about about 12, (starting with playboy mags i stole from my dad) until 28-29 when I started NoFap. Now Im 30.

LINK – Over 200 Days – Results

by AlwaysImprove1


UPDATE – 1 Year!

It’s not about racking up as many days as possible, its about seriously taking advantage of your higher confidence, self esteem, clarity and sharp thinking to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. Nofap has taken me out of the debilitating fog I was living in for years and has transformed me into a person on a whole other level; a person that never truly lived, until now.


  • ·  Hard mode is f*cking awesome.
  • ·  See #1.
  • ·  When off hard mode (ie. sex with partner) I get a significant loss of natural aggression and my superior confidence as well as some minor brain fog – all for about 5 days.
  • ·  For me, life is meant to be lived in hard mode… but it is what it is, hard. Cravings make me insane, but I hate losing the edge. ooooh the edge.
  • ·  Sex is great, women are great, but cumming last 5 seconds… then I have to live with much less vigour and lack of the superior confidence (the edge) as well as minor brain fog for 5 days. You pay a day for every second of orgasm.
  • ·  The answer: Karezza (look it up… sh*t is legit).
  • ·  Since I started nofap, and finally got my sh*t together my life has changed exponentially.
  • ·  If I have sex more than once in a few days… super brain fog…you get turned into a 4 yr old again.
  • ·  If I think sex will alleviate my superhuman sex drive, I’m always wrong, cuz the chaser effect will come… and the next day I’ll be craving not cuz I’m on a fcking 50 day hardmode streak, but because the thought of yesterdays sex wont leave my mind. So there’s no escape from the sex drive… its here to fcking stay and isn’t asking anyone for permission.

LINK – 500+ day update. Insights and things I’ve learned.


After 5-7 days your energy and confidence peaks and more or less stays that way untill you releapse. Even 100 days in… After starting no fap ive becomer a completely different person… So much more active and involved in everything… Social anxiety which i had is almost completely gone.
Im running my first half marathon in another few days.. I’ve become president of my home owners association and I’ve decided to quit my job open a business.

I kid you not!

None of that would have happened while i was fapping away all of my life energy 3 times a day. I used to get asked why i looked so tired all the time… Or why im so apathetic about everything.

Hardmode rocks when you integrate Karezza. That’s the best… but every now and then, like once a week or every two weeks, its good to release in a natural way. I personally think release with wife or gf once every two weeks is perfect. All other times, karezza.


I relapsed a million times, until i finally hit the right streak… Sooner or later it will become natural not to cause yourself to orgasm.

I thibk once youve gone 90 full days… You’ve beaten the addiction into submission. Your libido wont dissapear, but you will fully understand and accept that fapping is not gonna help u.

[100 day update]

100 day update: Not Fapping has become an established way of life for me now, not a challenge to see how many days I can rack up. After getting used to the amazing (and I mean life changing) effects of giving up PMO, my new challenge is a big step up… with who, when and how I have sex. This has become a big issue for me, since realizing that I would get brain fog and a certain “loss of superpowers” (confidence, sharp thinking, wit etc.) after having sex as well.

My mission became to find out what kind of sex,would leave me with the least amount of that relapse feeling. My conclusion is this: the farther away the act is from natural, unprotected, inseminating sex, the worse the aftereffects. The furthest away you can get would be PMO, after that “messing around” w/ a girl and cumming, then sex w/condom, then unprotected w/pulling out, and finally, the holy grail, unprotected inseminating sex…(w/a clean girl on the pill of course, unless you wanna have a kid). Be safe people, and thanks for your support!

[4 months earlier]

I think most of the people here are having a hard time. Not just me.