Age 30 – I’m not a spineless jellyfish anymore

Today is the first time in over a decade that I reached 90 days clean. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t a smooth ride, but I made it. My only regret is – I should have done this over 10 years ago and not have left it until things got so bad I couldn’t take it anymore.

So, as for advice, what can I say? Be patient, be calm. Take it in small steps. Exercise – yes, get up early, or at the end of the day and just move. If the weather is good, put some running shoes on and “just do it”. Have you a bicycle? Use it. Get all that energy out of your body and see how good it makes you feel. If it’s cold or raining, then buy a two euro jump rope, and jump! Even just dancing on your own to some loud music in your room in the dark is better than sitting at you desk staring at the screen.

Since I did this 90 day journey on easy mode [girlfriend], and I allowed my brain to fantasize much more than I’d like to admit, I realize I’m only just at the beginning of my recovery. I still need to “forget” a lot of the filth I’ve seen online, and the process of doing so is just by not thinking about it – ocupying my mind with other things, healthier things.

I can’t say I’m a different person just quite yet. I feel better, stronger, but I’m not where I want to be yet. Getting back to normal does take time, and 90 days for me is not enough. But I’m strong enough to say with confidence – I’m going to keep going – No PM – and that is only possible because of what I’ve done for the last 3 months – gained some discipline, some back-bone. I’m not a spineless jellyfish anymore, acting on my impulses and going with the flow.

LINK – This is my 90 day report

by Penela