Age 30 – Nofap is like a little snowball on a mountain that gains momentum in all of your life


I was not happy being this version of myself that went to fapping everytime I felt a negative feeling. I had already tried nofap 2 times just to see how it would go, and I remember that at least I felt proud of myself for reaching my goal those 2 times. (I went over 30 days first time, and over 40 days second time). I believe the main benefit is a great boost in self-discipline and will power. And a strong desire to improve my life in other areas, like a domino effect. And everyday I go to sleep feeling a little more proud of myself…

Milestones are important. My original goal is december 31, but 90 is a nice number as well. I did not see relapse as an alternative doesn’t matter how strong the urges are… until I reach my goal. From day 1 that was a rule I established, that relapse is not an alternative until december 31. If I want to “relapse”, it’s going to be only after that. I kind of have a plan 😀 Actually the choice of “relapse” is only within this exact day that is my goal. After that I intend to just renew my goal, maybe to go for a full year this time.

This is my third time trying and I never relapsed lol I’m kind of serious, because everytime I manage to go past through my initial goal. First time goal was 30 days and I went 34 days. Second time goal was 40 and I went almost 50. You go as further as your goal allows you…

I feel good! tadadananana! Well, there’s no magic, no miracle benefits at least for me. It’s like doing something incredibly difficult and feeling proud of yourself and knowing that if you can do this you can do other difficult things. I started going to the gym, I’m meditating more… I restricted my “mindless browsing” to just 2 hours a day (instead of 8 hours like before).. Benefits are compounding.. nofap is the little snowball you throw at the top of the mountain.

LINK – 90 days bragging. I did it 🙂

By Alexfreitasart