Age 30ish – Sex after 55 days – Much more present during the deed


Met a girl who was visiting town last week. Really hit it off and spent a couple of days together. Slept together the night before she left. I felt much more present during the deed than in the past. Didn’t last too long but didn’t explode immediately either as I expected.

Been focusing on a lot of emotional work lately so I felt pretty connected to her before and after. The feeling of true vulnerability while intimate. I almost wept.

I still have a lot of sexual baggage to unload and stress/trauma to resolve. Wondering if I’ll continue to make progress rebooting even while having sex on the rare occasion.

Zero orgasm for over fifty days. Involved a lot of deep breathing, relaxation, and resignation. Somewhat calmer but still playing boatloads of computer games which is keeping my brain foggy. One thing at a time.

This is one of the longest periods I’ve gone without M and it’s been surprisingly not difficult. I wonder if stress is keeping the drive low.

I’m 30ish. Using porn off and on since I was about 15.

LINK – Sex after 55 days

By philbegger