Age 30s – 550 Days – No more PIED, Dick sensitivity returned, Social anxiety gone, Replaced anxiety with confidence


Committing to NoFap was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I am going to keep this is brief and succinct as possible. I have a lot to do, and I don’t have a few hours to write this out properly. But don’t let that undervalue the weight of what this program has done for my life. Because believe me, it has changed it.

Before NoFap:

  • Masturbated to porn every day for 15 years
  • Became impervious to vanilla porn, requiring more fetishes, etc.
  • Deathgrip: the only way I could feel, everything else made me go soft.
  • Disgusted with myself after every session.
  • Had sex with 5 different girls in last 15 years.
  • Suffered PIED with all of them.
  • Had to take viagra/cialis every time.
  • Stayed hard on these drugs, but 95% of the time wouldn’t ejaculate.
  • The concept of having a “sex life” was completely foreign to me, and a source of shame.
  • Suffered increasingly severe social anxiety.

So yeah, that was my life. Thought my ED was simply the luck of the draw. With the anxiety, I figured I would make it a few more years before having a complete nervous breakdown.

Found NoFap. Everything changed.

Bumps I suffered along the way:

  • Relapsed: twice when I first started (6 and 12 days in)
  • Flatlined: twice, lasted a couple weeks each, both within the first 90 days. Scary at first, but normal function resumed after reboot.
  • Chaser effect: happened a few times after getting laid (only edging, no PMO)
  • Edging: still do occasionally, but no deathgrip, only very light touching.

550 days later. The results:

  • Haven’t masturbated myself to orgasm.
  • I get morning wood and random erections.
  • I have had wet dreams for the first time in 18 years.
  • I get hard when thinking about a ‘real’ girl.
  • Had sex with 17 different girls in the last 550 days.
  • NO. MORE. PIED. (life changer)
  • Dick sensitivity returned (eliminated death grip)
  • Ejaculate every time.
  • Social anxiety gone.
  • Replaced anxiety with confidence.

Girls could literally see the change in me. The confidence of someone who is not masturbating themselves to death, and who is having regular sex.

In short, NoFap legitimately changed my life for the better. Can’t recommend it enough.

Good luck to the rest of you, and I hope you achieve the same sort of success.

Feel free to ask me anything.

[Responses to questions]

At 30 days it felt like I was over the worst of the urges.

At 90 days I felt rebooted.

120 days had decent sex for almost the first time in my life.

So I’d say after this point when I no longer felt obligated to carry around Viagra, that was when I truly felt out of the woods.

But it is different for everyone. Maybe you will feel it beyond 120.

·  During 0-60 days, I took up jogging every morning. Got me out of the house and into endorphins. Might start again as I overcome this next goal to stop occasionally edging. I use the internet a lot, but eat quite healthy (no soda, junk food, fast food, etc.).

·  [“Did life become more vivid compared to before? keywords : general anxiety, depression, getting fun out of small moments, etc.”] Yes, very much so. Have had many depression related things due to this over the years, plus an increasing social anxiety over the past few years. They slowly disappeared into nothingness, to be replaced by a sense of confidence and well-being, contentment in the little things. Went traveling for the first time, changed careers, bought a bike. Life is definitely a different shade.

[“How did you know when you’re ready to have sex? And was it the first time having sex that afterwards you felt that you’ve achieved your goal?”] I honestly didn’t know. I just knew I felt more confident, and hornier than I had been in a long time. The opportunity came up and I threw caution to the wind.

The first time, yes, felt like I had finally had real sex. And then the next time, and the next. Every time felt like I had achieved a new goal, reached new possibilities.

Having an actual healthy sex life is a constant revelation, that I hope never gets old.

[Response to various questions]

  1. Having super confidence in a specific area of my life has allowed me to gain some clarity and focus in other aspects (like studies). Since I am no longer preoccupied with these problems, I have been taking my studies much more seriously, and gained better focus over my long term goals.
  2. Can’t say if memory has specifically improved or not. Always had a decent one.
  3. Started learning a language in my spare time. Actually used it to get laid.
  4. Triggers. I am not a perfect role model, as I still have a tendency to edge occasionally. This is something I am working on cutting out completely. But yes, it works exactly like that.

There is something about the way you carry yourself, when you are perfectly comfortable in your ability to perform sexually, and knowing that you could easily give the same pleasure to the girl you are talking to. They pick up on it.

For example, will spot a hot girl on the front page of reddit, erection, fuck it, edge (involves just occasionally tapping my dick), stop, do something else.

So while I have mastered not needing to cause my own ejaculation, or constantly stimulate myself with a deathgrip, I would like better control over this.

I am aiming for, seeing hot girl on reddit front page, erection, do something else.

[I wrote this because] I hoped that some would be able to see themselves in any part of it and know that it does get better. So much better.

[How did morning wood return?] Very randomly. I’ve now had so many that I can’t really specify when they returned, or how often. They tend to come in waves, and they are definitely correlated in some way to how much sex I am either having or not having. If I stay away from edging, they are much more frequent.

The flatlines were honestly the worst part. But they pass. Everyone is different, but mine passed in about 16 days for the first one and 10 days for the second.

Now, they are now so long ago that I barely even remember them. They are no longer part of my life, except that I came out the other side a much more sexually healthy guy.

Chaser effect is when the urge to masturbate becomes very intense during the 1-3 days that follow having sex. Edged a few times during these periods, had a few close calls, but still didn’t break my streak.

Now, any touch to my penis is trip to pleasure town. Which means I can actually enjoy sex, take my time and do anything and everything, rather than just looking for that constant, specific stimulation.

Don’t be so quick with the assumptions. Sure, there may have been an element of making up for lost time, as my entire 20s were a waste, sexually speaking.

But, I never lead anyone on or disposed of anyone.

  1. I had genuine one night stands with some girls.
  2. Ongoing, non-monogamous sex with some others.
  3. Then monogamous relationships, short and long with a few others. I am currently in one as we speak.
  4. And I always wear a condom.

Once I finally passed that first 30 days, it got a lot easier. I had previously quit smoking cold turkey, so I have a bit of experience with willpower.

LINK – 550 Days of NoFap. My success story.

by NoFapStoryTime