Age 30s – More confidence & brain power, Clearer, Happier, Personality more exuberant, Perception of women changed

After 70 days I finally had sex with this really gorgeous girl. The proof is there! This ended a 10 month dry spell.

And get this, even after that, I am still so tempted to relapse. I won’t because I’ve come so far. But the fact that the temptation is still there, is absolutely insane!


I have a date tonight with a woman I met at the drugstore who hit on me! I had another girl ask me out at the supermarket last month, but I wasn’t as interested. I have new hobbies, less struggle, more confidence, no shame, fearless when talking to girls, happier, lighter, more free, girls don’t reject me like they used to, darkness lifted, enjoying life more, more connected to my body, more innocent, more pure, more connected to my childhood essence.

Talk to girls. Talk to them as much as possible. Even if they’re super hot and it scares you, even if you’re not attracted to them, even if anything, just talk to as many as possible and learn and get better at it. Fall on your face a few times, who cares. That’s what I did. And eventually it pays off!

I’ve been able to look at one pic and not let it go any further, but I don’t recommend it. Because even though I didn’t allow it to go further, it still triggered me like crazy and made me want more, even though I didn’t actually look at more.

Here’s my two cents. Once a day is way too much. Not sure how old you are, but don’t do it once a day. I used to do once a week and that was too much in my opinion! If you’re just talking about MO, I would say do it once a month or something like that. If we’re talking about PMO, then just trust that porn only hurts your life. No matter what you think right now, porn is going to sabotage and your life will only be better without it, even if you don’t see results right away. I saw some results after 15 days, but I didn’t really feel the results strongly until day 45 and day 60.

I was not really addicted to PMO until I thought for some dumb reason that it would be the solution to my last heartbreak. Now I know it’s not.

I never really convinced myself that I don’t want porn or that I don’t like it. What I realized and know is that my life is drastically better without it (and that’s an understatement). It’s so hard to quit because the results take some time, so it’s not like taking a break from porn for a week is going to make you reach nirvana. But after 60 days, yes, the Angels are singing! It’s easier for me now because I am living in the results. Before I hit 30 days I was going insane and could not see light at the end of the tunnel. I just kept going because I knew I had to make a change, and I knew deep down that there is no way that porn will ever help me, my life, or my relationships ever. The light and miraculous changes in my life are proof to stay away for good. I used to think this was temporary, but now I can honestly say I’m in it for the long haul: for life.

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UPDATE – How my life has changed after doing NoFap in just 4 months

I relapsed once 45 days ago, but that’s not the point. That relapse just taught me how boring, artificial, depressing, and painful using porn can be.

So since starting NoFap in January, here’s a few things that have happened:

  • passion for working out,
  • best cardio shape I’ve been since I can remember,
  • got laid a few times with extremely gorgeous girls (prior to this for the last 3 years I had been settling and lowering my standards),
  • new hobbies and interests including investing,
  • exercise,
  • meditation,
  • more clarity in my work,
  • more confidence,
  • shame gone,
  • feel lighter, free-er, more in touch with my true innocence,
  • my personality more exuberant, more mature, like an adult,
  • happier,
  • my senses are keener,
  • deeper appreciation for music/arts,
  • more open minded,
  • more interested in women’s personalities,
  • more attracted to women’s beauty,
  • more attracted to subtle things about women like the way they move,
  • I know what I want more clearly,
  • I feel more clear, confusion gone,
  • I feel more positive about women and dating (I basically felt misogynistic and pessimistic before),
  • I enjoy food more,
  • more health conscious,
  • more sane,
  • kinder to myself,
  • more optimism in life,
  • more brain power,
  • epiphanies left and right,
  • and so much more, fuck yeah,

I wish I found this sooner, but I’m grateful I found it now!


UPDATE – Amazing things that happened after 3 weeks of hardmode…

I’ve only been doing easy mode prior to this streak (well I did do a 30 day hardmode trial, but the 90 day streaks were all just easy mode), and let me tell you: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. It gives you a power that is deeply connected to your manhood, almost like super human strength. Confidence up the wazu!

So here are a few anecdotes. This beautiful woman I only met once for a few minutes asked me out on a date, and we’re going out again. Plus I was at this party and this other girl I’ve known for 4 years said she wanted to go out with me and also commented on how good looking I am. I barely said a few words to her.

I’m not writing this to sound vain, I’m writing it because I’ve known this person for over 4 years, and this was the ONLY time she EVER said these things to me. That is not a coincidence. I mean seriously.

So I’m sharing this to show you, how great it is to do hard mode. Because it took me awhile before I was convinced to really try it.

I also learned a very valuable lesson about women, they are subconsciously repulsed by porn usage. Even if they can’t articulate it, they can sense the weird energy that goes along with it. The second girl I mentioned is almost like a case study, because I remember the last time I saw her, I had used porn that day, and we had a strange interaction (probably because of where I was at), and then after all this NoFap, she acted so different.

We stand out when we don’t use porn, women feel more safe with us. It’s really cool. I hope this inspires someone.


UPDATE – Statistics: 7 1/2 months prior to discovering NoFap and the 7 1/2 months afterwards…

Sharing my experience, take it as you like. The focus is more on personal life rather than work. I feel the correlation between NoFap and work/career is more subjective and less direct than these other experiences. Now in terms of dating, I’ve had long relationships and many romantic/ sexual experiences while I was fapping throughout my life (I’m in my 30’s). However, I did find some staggering statistics I wanted to share in comparing these two periods of my life. Here goes…

  1. Number of beautiful women I really liked during my first 7 1/2 months: 2
  2. Number of beautiful women I slept with during my first 7 1/2 months of NoFap: 4
  3. Number of beautiful women I’ve dated during my first 7 1/2 months: 6
  4. Number of times I was confused by the process of dating: 0
  5. Number of times I was frustrated by women: a few
  6. Number of times I was emotionally vulnerable with women: 2
  7. Number of times I was hurt by women I liked: 2 (it does cost something: if you get in the ring, you’re gonna get hit.)
  8. Number of new hobbies (that I’m extremely passionate about) I discovered during my first 7 1/2 months: 4
  9. How much time was I working out during this new period: approximately 3 times a week
  10. Number of times I PMO’d during this time: 4
  11. Number of times I masterbated without porn: approximately 7 (My current streak is no masterbation or porn of any kind)
  12. Number of times I felt very inspired: hundreds
  13. Number of times I cried: a few

7 1/2 months prior to NoFap

  1. Number of beautiful women I slept with: 0
  2. Number of women I slept with: 0
  3. Number of women I really liked: 0
  4. Number of women I dated: 1
  5. Number of women I kissed: 1
  6. Number of confusing, frustrating, and odd experiences I had with women during this time: Hundreds
  7. Number of new hobbies I found during this time: 0
  8. How many times a week was I working out: 1-2
  9. Number of times I PMO’d during this time: approximately 30-40 (my old routine was to PMO once a week, for those of you contemplating the risk of moderation..)
  10. Number of times I MO’d without porn during this time: 0
  11. Number of times I felt very inspired: a few
  12. Number of times I cried: 0

You do the math….


UPDATE – 90 Day Report – My 3rd 90 Day Trial

This is the 3rd time I’ve made it to 90 days. However, this time I am not craving porn anymore. I am craving sex, which I think is healthy. I think the last few times I did still crave porn, because I would peek occasionally now and then. This time I didn’t. I also would do MO once in awhile before (during those past trials), this time I didn’t. So I highly recommend really going for it, which means no peeking, no edging, no MO, no porn, no stalking girls online, no creepy shit, no bullshit. However, I think sex is okay as long as it’s not the kind of sex that’s going to call for the walk of shame the next morning, and as long as it’s safe. I did have sex a few times early on during this trial and I was happy for that. I’ve posted a lot already about the effects of doing all this. But I’m going to list the new lessons I’ve experienced recently:

  • I am more open and positive with women. And they are more open and friendly to me. I used to go to parties and it would be a very mixed experience. I would encounter rudeness a lot. Now they are almost always very friendly, even if it doesn’t go exactly how I want.
  • I realized this is a way of life. I realized this before, but I didn’t practice what I preached. But now I can see that 90 days is only the beginning. If your life transforms for the better just in 3 weeks, 60 days, or 90 days, imagine what happens afterwards.. This is something I am very excited about. We have to constantly better ourselves and work on ourselves. It’s not about an end goal. It’s like how an artist spends his entire life perfecting his craft. It’s really the same thing here. Every time you relapse, I think you go backwards a little bit. Build on the foundation, don’t crush it.
  • The destructive cycle of not getting what I want, turning to porn, and then that even getting more in the way of what I want. Or I’m lonely or frustrated and I turn to porn to fill the void, but the void only gets deeper and more painful. This cycle is over. If you’re stuck in it, get out. Porn is an illusion. Now that I’m not “in it” anymore, its much clearer how that works and how destructive it is. But when we’re in it, we think we know what we’re doing. We’re trapped in the addiction.
  • Profound benefits from past shares: a new powerful level of patience, clarity, feeling free, innocent, uninhibited, new hobbies/ interests, power, self esteem, and of course confidence.
  • A one hour session of PMO will sabotage the next 2-3 weeks of your life. Every time I’ve done one of these trials, I noticed most of the negative after-effects of porn dissipating around the 3 week mark. Ironically, that is when most people relapse because they are scared to move into the new chapter of their lives.
  • Reading a lot of your posts, I have to say that I think the whole notion of superpowers is a myth. ESPECIALLY if you think you have them after a few days of trying NOFAP. This is fucking bullshit – sorry. It’s just over excitement and nervous energy blah blah blah. What superpowers are in reality are just confidence and clarity. And also women or society picking up on your more “positive” vibes and treating you differently because of it.

Feel free to share your experience or chime in. I hope this inspires and or elucidates.