Age 30s – PIED: Recovered and happy. I was very skeptical, but I’m a believer


I used porn heavily for many years due a long distance relationship and trying to stay faithful. I masturbated once every day, sometimes 30-45 minutes with numerous tabs open on my web browser.

I didn’t realize I had a problem until the spring when I broke up with my girlfriend for six months. I went to the beach and after not getting laid for an eternity, I had an opportunity to break free. I found I couldn’t even perform. The moment the condom went on, I instantly went limp. I satisfied the woman in other ways, but I couldn’t understand what went wrong. At first I thought maybe she hadn’t really turned me on, but recapping the events in my head quickly disproved this theory.

A little Google search and I landed here. At first I thought “no fucking way”, but then I did some thinking back to my biopysch course in college. I opted to test the two week theory, and found I had the deadest dick of all time. I didn’t even last the whole two weeks before relapsing.

Later I got back together with my ex, and I’m slated to move to her city after many years of visiting, Skyping, and phone chats. Obviously I wanted to perform when I went down to interview and research housing knowing she’d be ready.

I spent 2 months trying to restore balance. I took an easier road, finding I enjoyed pinup girls on instagram that were very conservatively clothed. This help satiate the urges after a three week straight no imagery detox. I’m in my 30s with previous experience, so I anticipated a shorter recovery time than younger members that came up on high speed porn.

Upon arriving I was a little nervous, but I found I had no problems performing. I more than satisfied my girlfriend with multiple performances in succession.

I had zero chaser effect, and find my urge to masturbate has returned to very healthy and normal levels of maybe once a week.

I wake up with morning erections and simply enjoy the fact that they exist again.

I was very skeptical of the idea, but I’m a believer. I’ve had a two one off incidents of relapse where I watched a 3 min clip, but I’m quickly reminded why I choose to avoid the stimulus when I realize how arousing it can be. It’s the shear fear of knowing what I’ll go back to if I continue that had caused me to exit the browser and maintain vigilance again.

As I have seen my girlfriend quite a few times since our reunion, I am of the mind that it is well worth waiting for and only a few weeks separate us from finally being together. The new career is already looking great, and I’m looking forward to moving forward with everything as my life continues onward.

I won’t say there’s a long way to go, because that’s discouraging to hear for those just beginning. Realize that it gets better gentlemen. When you see average women, you’ll feel arousal again. Waking up with a hard on every morning makes you remember what it’s like to be a man again. Knowing you can raise the flag staff to attention when a woman is ready to go is worth every tough moment you’ll have when you tell yourself you can when you think you can’t.

Don’t break, don’t waiver, and moreover don’t beat yourself up when you slip. Pick up and try again instead of saying fuck it I’ll try start tomorrow and binge all night.

The system works and there is hope. Just tough it out. What’s 3-6 months compared to a lifetime? You got this guys. We’re here for encouragement, and I promise you that it gets better. Stay strong and don’t let the setbacks stop you. Push onward and be rewarded for the effort

LINK – Recovered and happy

BY – Iwin!