Age 30s – VR pushed my addiction over the edge – Sex with wife now multiple times better


I’m in my mid thirties, I used Porn for almost 20 years. I feel very lucky that I didn’t grow up with internet porn, hi-def video porn, porn streaming sites and especially VR porn because I think that my addiction would have been worse, or perhaps I would have realized it was an issue earlier, IDK.

The benefit for me has been more time to figure out whats important in life. All that time searching for porn and downloading and PMO’ing was a big time suck. I didn’t enjoy sex with my wife as much then either, now its multiple times better, this was another reason I came to NOFAP I found myself often choosing VR porn over actual sex because it was easy, new and had lots of variety. I read books more, I also have gone back to some old hobbies…. so yeah lots of benefits! No super powers that I’m aware of but I’m also doing normal mode and married so even if I did have super powers I’m not sure they’d be of any use, what are “super powers” anyway? I think they must be the ability to talk to and attract women?

My wife didn’t care that I watched porn. In fact it wasn’t until a few days ago that she finally admitted that NOFAP has been a good thing, she was skeptical for a long time.

Just deleted my porn collection. The collection was ~570GB, included a bunch of stuff for VR. Its actually VR that made me come to nofap just over 5 months ago. Its now been 167 days  and it was now pretty easy to delete my stash, I’m no longer dependent on it. I held off because I thought I’d have delete’rs remorse, not so much! A few times over the past 8 months I came across some stray porn on my desktop and very quickly deleted it, couldn’t stop myself from viewing 1 second of it practically each time, just that 1 second of viewing reminded me how strong the temptation was because I’d have porn on the mind for a while after that brief viewing.

I’m not so strict that I reset my counter just because I viewed 1 second of porn, nor do I reset my counter if I happen to come across porn by accident on the internet.

I think that the my past taste in porn that was high file size VR porn actually helps me now because downloading a 8GB+ file takes a decent amount of time and doesn’t lend itself to impulse downloads too much. In fact some internet problems I was having at the end of December helped me start this streak, I was having intermittent connectivity issues and couldn’t complete a full 8GB+ download to save my life, I think the fact that I kept trying over and over and over again really lead me to better understand that this isn’t something I want in my life any more.

I actually stopped watching a couple TV shows because now that I don’t actually have porn in my life its much easier for me to identify things that I react to similar to porn, so in effect I have to delete certain non porn things from my life as well or at least that’s what I’m doing for the time being. For example the TV show “Real Rob” I had to stop watching, Rob Schneider’s wife is just too good looking.

[Answering question about Virtual Reality porn]

Yes I found it more addictive and it put me over the edge, it made me realize that Virtual Reality is just going to get better and better and the Porn studios are going to get better and better at producing VR porn so it was likely better I get out now.

I was a relative early adopter of VR (Oculus DK2 back in Summer 2014) so I had almost 1 and a half years of VR porn use under my belt and during 2015 more studios got on board and things started to really take off but so did my addiction as a result. I found myself going to pay sites for the first time in my entire life and actually paying for porn instead of just torrenting it! Because I didn’t want to wait for torrents to become available!

LINK – Just deleted my porn collection

By BitiBytes