Age 31 – A lot less social anxiety, more decisive, assertive, eager, lost weight-gained muscle, and best of all, happier.


I’ll say that this has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life. Like the saying goes: “anything worth having is worth working for.” With that being said I’ll say that I’ve suffered a lot less from social anxiety, more decisive, assertive, eager, lost weight and gained muscle mass and best of all, happier! I haven’t watched porn at all during this time nor masturbated.

I’ve unfollowed pages on social media of models and accounts displaying sexy, half naked women. I’ve seen pictures of sexy women going through social media of personal friends of mine but didn’t edge because I knew if I edged, I would eventually masturbate to the point of orgasm.

I actually had a date earlier today with a very attractive girl a few years younger than me and made out with her at the end of the date; something I would have been afraid to do while on PMO. All it takes is discipline to achieve your goals. I’ve reached day 90 but I’m going to make this a lifestyle and live life the way humans were meant to live rather than entertaining myself in front of computer.

I know anyone reading this is strong enough to get through 90 days and beyond. Don’t get frustrated if you end up PMO’ing because you have another chance to redeem yourself.

I wish you all the best and stay strong!

LINK – Finally hit 90 days of hard mode!

by steelcity85