Age 31 – A skeptic on day 50-something


As Norm Macdonald said, “I’ve never been good at expressing my uh… what do you call those… feelings?” But I do feel better now than I did with PMO – like I’m thinking more clearly without the mindless stimulation. I think it has also helped my relationship. I feel closer to my partner now and we are having more sex!

I now practice playing the piano or walk the dog when I want to be alone or blow off steam. One issue I’m still working on is that I’m burned out and need to get a new job. It’s much easier to sell yourself when you feel more confident and have self-respect, which I do have slightly more of lately.

All in all – I’ve found abstaining from porn just frees up more of my time and energy which I can use to enrich my life. I’m in the process of changing several things in my life right now. Change is good! It’s not a miracle cure-all but I feel that NoFap has helped. I Just wanted to share for anyone thinking about giving it a go but don’t want to drink the Kool-Aid and become some born-again puritan. You don’t have to (I’m definitely not!). But maybe you owe it to yourself to at least try giving up PMO for a while.

And hey – what if it works?

Just wanted to share this for anyone who, like me, is skeptical and suspicious of the theistic and ‘cult-like’ aspect of NoFap, or AA, or some other recovery  groups. I’m 31 and on day 55-ish. I was aware of NoFap, and had actually stopped PMO for a couple weeks before I began actually reading through the posts. I was surprised to learn that  by quitting porn, I could have superpowers and a spiritual awakening, and open my third eye and levitate (hyperbole added)! I understand that people are spiritual beings and have all  kinds of experiences. However, as many others have said here, it’s important not to expect miracles.

LINK – A skeptic on day 50-something

by j1102873mn