Age 31 – A year back I suffered from massive panic attacks, insomnia, de-personalization, constant fear of nothing and severe social anxiety.


PMO History: I was regular in PMO and sexting with increasing frequency everyday of up to 4 times a day. Discovered PMO at the age of 16 and now 31. The genre of porn was escalating to a higher level. No more attraction to females. All I wanted to do is have sex with every girl I come across. Girls had become a mere piece of flesh and sex objects.

Why I did Nofap? A year back I suffered from massive panic attacks, insomnia, de-personalization, constant fear of nothing and severe social anxiety. Until before all this, I had a pretty normal life. Never experienced any of the above in life ever. So as I started looking up on Google about why I was going through all this, I stumbled upon a few articles that read PMO could be the reason for all this and after a couple of days I happen to find NoFap community on Reddit and read all the posts which motivated me to try NoFap.

Streaks: First Streak: 30 days. Second Streak: 252 days. (Hard Mode)

Result: As the days progressed on my second streak all the above mentioned symptoms got cured and I got back to my normal. You guys may have read a million times about the super powers and other benefits people get from NoFap but I would like to again mention all those benefits which I personally experienced. Benefits and Changes:

  1. I was suffering from back pain and migraine issues for almost 5 years. I would wake up to the pain every morning. Many medicines did not help but this was automatically cured by itself and I have not experienced the pain again.
  2. Not only my hair fall issue of 3 years stopped but hair quality and texture improved. Faster facial hair growth and increased chest hair.
  3. Become a MAN. I mean stand up for yourself. Don’t act like a pussy any more. ( I love this)
  4. Faster facial hair growth and increased chest hair.
  5. Decreased social anxiety and more confidence.
  6. Feel energetic and increased stamina.
  7. Girls start getting attracted towards me and men respect. (I honestly have no idea why this happens but it does. To notice this you have to be on a hard mode for at least 90 days.)
  8. Over all better life and started finding happiness in small things.
  9. Increased sexual sensitivity, glow on skin.
  10. Better focus and started to concentrate on my career growth which I never even thought about before.
  11. Increased will power and no bran fog. Started focusing in fixing issues instead of running away from them.
  12. Started loving people around and appreciate the small little things which make difference to the life.
  13. Got my first girlfriend. Unfortunately we broke up because of different other issues.
  14. Started feeling love, emotions. Everything around seem so beautiful again.
  15. Desire and stay motivated to do better in life.
  16. Quit smoking, caffeine, video games and started workout.
  17. Many girls started talking to me, flirting, dropping hints and many openly have said how good and attractive I look. (I’m just an average looking guy).

Wet Dreams. I had frequent wet dreams usually more than what others would experience. Initially at a frequency of up to 5 wet dreams a month and now it is reduced to 3. Hopefully it will reduce more. It takes time as the muscles would have become weak from regular PMO until they gain their strength back. And always remember a wet dream does not set you back It may slow down the progress but it is never a relapse.

SUPER POWERS were always there within you. I have also read many people write and criticize about the so called super powers. Many people who are on Nofap may not experience the super powers because they are not heavy on PMO and are or have always been moderate on PMO. Anything will affect and get bad only when done in excess. For those heavy on PMO, what we experience on NoFap are not super powers. It is just you being back to what you originally were. That is how you were born with confidence, charisma, talent and power, to evolve and to attract females for breeding. A man is like a lion born to rule, dominate and succeed. Unfortunately, most of the men fall into this sick addiction of PMO and lose everything. When we stop this addiction we start getting back to normal. You don’t get super powers, you just find what you had lost. Finding something so precious that you lost once long back does make you feel like you got super powers. 🙂

Flat Lines: Flat lines are important, it is where your brain is changing for good. The time of flat line depends on how much time you spent on PMO. It is also important to get out of flat line sooner that you direct this into right direction by eating right, focusing on career or studies make new real friends, go for walks, listen to music, pray and work out.

A little about my happiness: About 200 days into NoFap I started to see the differences. I had gone to a nearby store to purchase a pen. Guess what? I was smiling for the next 1 hour and was happy all day. LOL. Just because I purchased a new pen. It made me so happy. I couldn’t believe that small things like that can make you so happy. After all I think that is what life is all about – “Finding happiness in little things” which does not matter much. I was interacting with everyone at work and everyone at my work place, friends and cousins said how different I am and how happy I look all the time and most of them also complimented at how I had changed.

Erections: My erections had become weak overtime which now are rock hard and feel like I’m in my teens. During this I finally had the will power of giving up smoking which I did for 14 years. I cut down on coffee and gave up video games. Life has never been so good. Life is too short to be wasted in virtual world.

Ferrari PMO life is like a brand new Ferrari that you rammed into a wall. No matter how much you repair the damage is always there. All you can do is prevent further damage.

NoFap turns you into an Ocean. A famous scholar once said – “Be like an Ocean. On asking what it meant. He said – “It rains heavily on ocean, thousands of gallons of water evaporates from it. People drink from it, animals die in it. But it neither increases nor decreases and it does not get dirty. It always remains pure, calm and still.”

The fall: After a streak of 252 days I relapsed. Triggers: YouTube, a little sexting and unnecessary browsing on phone or computer. Relapse will always lead to binge. There were about a total of 14 relapses after completing 252 days with a couple of 30 days streaks in between. Trust me it wasn’t worth it. After relapsing continuously, I started getting more social anxious, lost confidence and lost all the female attraction. It is so wrong that so many articles and people say that masturbating is good for health or prostate cancer and all that shit.

Lesson: To all the new Fapstronauts and myself I would like to remind that “You are not going to win this battle. You just have to keep fighting. “You either die losing or die undefeated.” “If you ever fall, get up, dust yourself and keep going.” A dirty secret addiction of 15 years wasn’t something easy to break and I will continue the fight the addiction. I am on a new streak of 10 days as I write this today. There was a rise and fall. Now there would be only – The rise and rise.

To all my brothers here – I would like to thank each one of you here on this community for being an inspiration and motivation in my journey towards a better life. I’m sorry for the long post. Thank you for reading and I hope I bring some good learning and motivation for my other brothers here.

JI’m glad I found this sub. You guys are a family. Thank you all.  It is now time to stop counting the days and move on ahead in life with No PMO as a lifestyle. NoFAP = Save MANKIND.

LINK – 252 days of NoFap. First and (Long post).