Age 31 – By day 45 I got myself a new girlfriend

I’m 31 and had been addicted to porn and masturrbation for around 16 years. Up until the age of 27 I was a virgin who’d never had a girlfriend. A self confessed nice guy who was socially awkward.

I’m pretty good looking but just had no confidence whatsover.

After discovering nofap I began my journey to clean up my mind and body and take back my masculine energy from a useless addiction which controlled me.

The first couple weeks were quite difficult with intense testosterone buildup and feeling like killing stuff.. but I used that power to direct it towards better things. By day 45 I got myself a new girlfriend. The hottest and most emotionally evolved women I’d ever dated. She was also 40, 9 years older than me.. and yet I was the one dating her. I’d always dreamed of getting my own cougar but never had the confidence to do it.

So anyway the weekly sex was far more enjoyable than all the porn i’d ever watched. Having someone look deep in my eyes with longing and to hold is so much better. We dated for 5 months then I had to leave her to go travelling. But it gives me hope that I am definatley becoming a better man because of nofap.

Fast forward 2 months since our separation and I’m busy now spending my time studying business skills considering a career change to earn higher income and get out of a dead end physical labour job.

But last night, I had my first wet dream! Haven’t had one since I was 13 and discovered porn!! So I know my body is continuing to heal itself and recalibrate to a life without wanking.

A warning though… after 16 years of watching porn my mind is still a mess with replaying porn scenes daily, remembering favourite scenes or stars. When I see a cute girl on the street the mind still has fantasies of hard fucking her against a tree or car etc… Although actual porn hasn’t passed my eyes since nofap my mind has hours stored away which I must gradually delete.

Seek to become a better Man, never give in to the animal temptations. Take control and get your life back..

REMEMBER.. Whatever is not growing or expanding in the universe is shrinking and dying.. and no i’m not talking about your penis!! A life of porn is truely shrinking as masucline energy is taken from you and you cease to create your own reality.

Stick with it. For when you joined nofap you took the first step… keep on walking.

The Tao says.. “When one is sick of sickness he can no longer be sick, for he is sick of sickness”.

I reached that point 219 days ago. I’m never going back.. the cost is too great.


LINK – 219 Day report.. didn’t think I’d see the day

by Freedom-31