Age 31 – ED “I quit fapping, things got back to normal”

I turned 31 recently and was addicted to fapping since I discovered it, which was around 10 I think. I had plenty of GF’s that I had regular sex with, but the sex never last too long (5-20minutes max? no fast action). It wasn’t a tragedy, but looking at what guys can do at porn, I could easily get myself in the “embarassed” state of mind.

I had couple regular relationships, where I lived with my GF and had normal regular sex, but I was always fapping to porn in between. Unfortunately it always turned after a year or two, that I found it easier to just fap my day away, than give it good to my gf. It was just faster to watch porn and get instant relief, than to do all the foreplay and stuff… Now when I look from the time perspective, it ruined all my relationships.

So we splitted with my last GF around 1,5 years ago. I took my time off to just do the stuff I love, instead of chasing GF’s and generate all the trouble it usualy brings along 🙂 Offcourse during this period I fapped like crazy to porn. Recently I got little tired of being alone, so I decided to get myself a nice loving GF again. It wasn’t that hard (thanks to Neill Strauss, he’s amazing) and I was ready to do some cock action. And it turned out my cock wasn’t.

I was absolutely stunned to find him unwilling to slide in a nice little juicy pussy I had in front of me. Then I thought WTF mister? Why you won’t cooperate?! She’s cute and everything, get up and do the job. But he still didn’t respond, flat as a dead mens EKG.

Worried and embarassed I got, I felt like crying. But then I remembered this TED talk, Your Brain On Porn. About how we got rewired to get instant pleasure of getting new women each time we watch porn vs the real life action. So I came up finding /NoFap and started reading. It seemed like a cure to almost all the problems I had : PE and ED. I decided to give it a go.

Couple of weeks later, the morning wood is back, my sword works magic and I get instant funny feeling down there just by looking at girls walking by on the street 🙂 Something I didn’t experience since I was 20 😛 Yeah!

And it gets even better: cutting Fap to zero seems to change my PE problem for better. I do Kegles to postpone the O, but it makes my boner go away for couple of minutes so I’m still looking for a decent way to get rid of PE. But even this small period of abstinence made me be able to last longer. However any advice on the PE topic is more than welcomed!

So guys, it really works, it helps, it makes the dick raise and shine again! 🙂

TL;DR : I fapped my life away until the stage that I couldn’t get a boner. I quit fapping, things got back to normal.

LINK –  Fap story that ruined my cock, and NoFap ending that brought him back!

by MrHandSolo