Age 31 – I can’t believe the immense changes that have gone on in my brain, body and life.


I am on Day 31 of my NoFap journey, but I’m actually on Day 415. I have masturbated and binged on during the 415 day journey (not the most recent 31 day streak, which I will be getting to 90 and eventually turning that into 130). I can’t believe the immense changes that have gone on in my brain, body and life. I have less brain fog, more confidence, much better body, more determined, less fatigued, more loving, etc, etc, etc. The changes are endless.

However, this post is not about me. This post is for you. This is for all the people out there that masturbated after a 20 day streak, for all those people that don’t like their body but still reached for another cupcake, for all you people that got rejected/dumped recently by a girl. This post is to tell you that success is not a linear path (see illustration below). The path to success has bumps, bruises, hardships, great times, unstoppable times, everything. Don’t give up. Don’t think about it in terms of a streak, thing about everything as life. Don’t count days, count happiness. Count how you feel waking up tomorrow morning.

I know that I struggled with streaks. I thought I was a failure if I couldn’t make it 10 days, but I wasn’t, and neither are you. Just because another person posts a thread saying they made it 90 days (first of all doesn’t mean it’s true), doesn’t mean you are a failure for not. Even by trying to quit you are making immense changes on your frontal cortex (front of your brain responsible for reasoning, speech, language, willpower and many other things). Each day you fight your willpower becomes a little stronger, your porn urges decrease and your life gets a little better. The path to success is different for everyone, and it is not linear.

Keep going, be strong and NoFap on!

LINK – The path to success is different for everyone

by Mike walker