Age 31 – I enjoy being active outside, sex drive high around GF

This is going better than the first time I did this and got to 7 months. During that time I was constantly edging and honestly wasn’t taking it serious. I was going through a breakup and more fueled by that than really trying to quit. And I know edging can be considered relapse but I was going with my own plan. Which failed eventually.

This time I have stayed away from edging and haven’t looked at any P. It helps that I have a GF but it can also cause problems. I’ve been doing more outside and working on my house. I gave up gaming for like 4 weeks. That helped because I would come home and not get on there. I would catch up on TV too and have spent lot of time reading my Bible.

All I can say is this time feels different. Feels like I’m doing it right and for the right reasons. It started back in December cause my GF found out and that affected her a lot. I saw how it was hurting her and I told myself I never want to do that to her. Made her feel ugly and not wanted. Not sure if she’s the one yet but I don’t want to do that to my future wife either.

I just want to encourage everyone to reevaluate why they are doing this and make sure it’s for what they think the right reasons are. I’m not going to say my reasons are the absolute right way. They are just my right reasons.

I’m 31. I’ve noticed less and less of my mind wondering to those lustfull thoughts. Except when my GF is around. Then my drive is high lol. I feel like I want to be more active outside.

Keep going strong guys!

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By FurmanSK