Age 31 – I love myself when I look into the mirror


I know I have so many short comings in my body, I am short and my teeth are not aligned and due to masturbation my hair became thin and hairline started receding, to compensate all these I was working really hard on gym, fapping never hampered my workouts but my body looked tight and rotten, like a mummy. I always thought I had big ugly eyes which occupies half my upper face.

Then noFap happened, its only 75 days but it started giving me so many benefits I can ever handle. I have got the guts to go full shaven head after taking up noFap, my body odor improved, my face got rid of oilness /chemical build and it was vision blurriness due to fap, which forced to look closer which in turn made my eyes look bigger. Now my eyes look so peaceful and small which is ready anytime to give a smile.

The girl who kept on pushing me away saying I look awful, whenever I started flirting, two months ago, said I looked terrific nearly 15 times yesterday. I would have jumped over the moon had it been the old me, but I was not surprised at all yesterday ,because I love myself when I look into the mirror. Never realized I could actually looking good in my entire lifetime, becz I started fapping the moment I hit puberty and I was always ugly.

I am 31 .. I have been fapping for 17 years…I have had few girlfriends which never lasted becz my bad temptations…basically came from fapping…now I don’t even need a girl…I have way bigger goals than I ever could have imagined…thanks NoFap

LINK – 75 – days benefits and can’t stress enough about the benefits of NoFap

By ramrumram


Guys, I cannot stress enough how different sex is from masturbation, I am nearly having sex every day with my partner, occasionally a break of one or two days and I feel energetic all through the days, whereas a single instance of masturbation dried me for 3 – 5 days.

How bad the situation goes, don’t watch porn. Masturbation is equally bad but P+M is a dungeon, which you never could come back.

I tried a test yesterday by just masturbating and how I feel still is nasty and my brain was foggy and immediately I started smelling bad. Just had an amazing sex again and now I feel relieved, with all the rotten smell gone off. Something magical about sex which we often confuses with masturbation.

EARLIER reports

day 53 – Wet dream…fuck it..will it ever end?…4th in 53 days…I can control the high urges at day but at night it just bursts out….very bad quality sleep contributed to this as well, there were so many disturbances around my place during that night…

day 55 – wet dream again…shit I have no control over this thing…I do meditate for 7 mins a day (started from 2 mins) ..still can’t control…It must be with the time I spent with a beautiful girl during the day..I can’t stop fantasizing things with her, although I pull back my thoughts after 30 secs it ends up with wet dream..sad for losing some precious minerals from the body..but not tired or fogged a bit like during the days of M. so 5 wet dreams in 55 bad..

day 56 – high urges – can’t believe still getting high urges even after abstaining nearly for two months. Haven’t worked out for three days straight since my gym is under maintenance, so that should be the reason. Going for long run today.

day 57- ha no urges finally.. the same girl who gave me highs doesn’t give me any feel at all..

day 58 – wet dream again – nothing more to say on this…I should be the record holder here 6 in 58 days

day -61 — one of the worst possible days…it was like my mind stopped entirely .. I would have easily masturbated other days had it been not for NoFap, but I knew this is one of the flatline days and will get over it. my older reports