Age 31 – I think I have kind of cured my PIED (triggers)

Started fapping at a young age, now 31 and have been fapping to porn for a long time, before high-speed internet, started with images, then those short 5-10 second clips, then torrents, then full on high-speed-everything-at-your-fingerprints.

Actually, my PIED goes way back, first sexual experience at 16, couldn’t get it up properly, but managed, then the PIED was on and off, always hard to get hard (huh huh) at first, but when going regular with a girl it got better up until there was no problem. Last three years have been really bad for me, my partner of 6 years broke up with me, didn’t date for a long time, lots of porn, lots of masturbation. So when I started seeing girls again I had full on ED. Extremely frustrating to say the least.

Discovered this site a year ago and started to realise my problem, but where in denial for a long time. Ended up having 2 years with very difficult sexual life. Lot’s of opportunities to sleep with girls that was squandered. And I mean, after I discovered Tinder, I was seeing 2-3 girls every week for a few months, got most of them to bed, but maybe managed to have sex with like 20%, and just ED with the rest. Usually managed better when not drinking too much, and when the girls would do dirty talk. Became pretty good at licking pussy though.

This spiralled into low self-esteem. Drinking and drug abuse. I was doing quite a lot of molly, acid and cocaine for a while. Molly is great, don’t get me wrong, but doing it more than once a month (better to wait two months if you ask me) is NOT a good idea. The comedowns are pure pain and suffering.

So what has happened. I have not completely managed to stop porn, but have reduced it to almost once per 6-14 days for 3 months now. So around 4-5 times in 3 months. I’m dating a girl. She’s a 10 in my opinion, so I did get aroused by her from the start, and could have sex (unlike the past experiences), but could not stay hard for long, and didn’t really feel that good.

Now, after two months of almost no Porn: Well, I’m getting pretty hard, sometimes 100%, and can stay that way for maybe 5 minutes if she is on top, other positions longer. However, one thing that we do is talk dirty. I liked to watch hardcore porn, deepthroat, slapping, etc., so I tell her I want to do stuff like that to her while we have sex, which keeps me harder. She likes it a lot, which is also a turn on for me. So, I don’t think I could have great sex with another girl at the moment. So I guess these things also have a lot to do with the girl you are seeing. Some girls are really boring in bed, which I think for me would be a problem even with years of hardmode.

My plans for the future:

Reduce porn even more. Maybe hardmode, I don’t know yet, but reduce it to maybe once a month. Maybe give myself a prize every month. When salary comes in I can watch porn for 10 minutes or something. Less masturbation. Also, the girl I’m seeing will work in another city for 2 months, I’ll visit, but this means very little sex, and during that time I will try hardmode. No PMO.

So guys. Relax. Don’t be too hard on yourselves (at least that’s my take). It WILL get better. Stop the porn though, as much as you can. If you watch 3 times a day, then reducing it to once a day is better than nothing. Reducing it to every other day is even better. Once per week is great. Once per month splendid. Once every other month is close to hardmode. Anything beyond that and you are god.

When it comes to the flatline, I feel like I was in a flatline in the beginning. Was less horny, didn’t have morning wood, and not very horny. Now, morning wood a lot, almost every morning, and more horny. I’ll report back in a month!