Age 31 – I’d say overall I’m more confident and assertive

So I did it. 90 days of hardmode completed. I grew up through all iterations of the Internet so I remember the days of downloading raunchy pictures with a 56k modem. High speed access to porn led me to a habit of masturbating at least once a day. I’m 31 and am ready to live the rest of my life without PMO.

In reality I’ve had a longer time porn-free as I haven’t viewed any since the beginning of December. At the time, my girlfriend of 1.5 years had broken up with me and I found NoFap. I had contemplated stopping PMO before, but I guess that was one of the factors that led me to take it seriously this time. Right after the breakup I PMO’d a few times, but it just felt terrible.

My first streak after I really made up my mind to do this was around 60 days. I MO’d and reset my counter. It wasn’t really a big deal to me. I didn’t feel that bad other than seeing that counter at day 1 again.

I haven’t really been trying very hard to find a romantic relationship as I’m still trying to do some soul searching. After so long in a relationship I really needed to take some time to explore my interests and re-establish myself independently. I moved out of a toxic housing situation and have a much nicer roommate whom I’m sharing a condo with.

At work I’ve started a new job. I think the energy and focus from abstaining from PMO was helpful in keeping me going there. I had hesitated for a while on committing to interviewing for the position I was interested in, but decided I had waited long enough. I’m still early in the learning of new responsibilities and skills stage, but it’s a big improvement over my previous position in terms of feeling like part of the team.

I’d say overall I’m more confident and assertive than I was before beginning with NoFap. I’m still working on being less hesitant to share with others when something is bothering me, but I have 20 years of conditioning to overcome there. I was always the quiet one in groups and dealt with a lot of bullying growing up.

In regards to superpowers and counters I think these can be counterproductive. Neither of these really define who you are and putting yourself down because of a reset or looking for superpowers are not helpful. The counter is just a tool. It doesn’t measure how you are feeling on a given day, your accomplishments, or how your life has changed.

LINK – 90 Days report

by OnaBlueCloud