Age 31 – I’m working now on building a social life outside my work

I’ve reached 47 days with nofap. Yes, it isn’t that much. But for me it’s a big success.

I’ve started fapping I think at the age of 10, and never had or was in a relationship for the hole time ( I’m 31 now)

I’m quite sociable, goal oriented, athletic, and focus on improving myself and support the others as much as I can.

As I’ve said before, I started quite young, and never been able to stop as log as this time ( my mid goal is 90 days, then going for 365 days)

The roots in my case were (I will say) bad priorities, but I take full responsibility for my choices.

I’ve been always convincing myself to study harder, work harder, and because of this I didn’t had really much time to enjoy. But on the other hand, I said to myself( while the others are having fun and enjoying themselves I’m working on my future, and I will surpass them (what I did) and have a better life. The problem here is only the material aspect was my concern(without noticing it) and not my private wellbeing. Also, me being proud of my “way of life” did cloud my perception a lot.

Because of my material priorities I was always busy, and when I had urges, I helped myself quickly to keep on working on the ” more important matters”. This also helped me to relax a little.

For example, instead of going out with a girl or friends, I thought this was a waste of time and instead should be invested “wisely ” otherwise. Also, I convinced myself of the possibility to catch up later whit out considering the time going to be lost (yes, many years). This thinking doesn’t happen to me when going out with work colleagues.

Because I stopped fapping for this long, I had some spear time for thinking and rethinking…God did that help me realize my mistakes.

I’m working now on building a social life outside of my work world.

Fapstronauts, thank you very much for the many posts, experiences, and for the support!!!

LINK – Think and grow rich “socially”

by leehant


I want to thank all the posts from the Fapstronauts here. You have no idea how much it does help to know that I’m not the only one fighting this bad habit.

I have to say, the first 50-55 days were not too difficult to overcome. I kept myself busy and once a day I came here and scanned the posts. I understand the encouragement for the others as they were also for me ^

I did read a lot of books, traveled a lot, and the work at the office just keeps on increasing. So I didn’t had much time to think about anything and it did help to distract me positively.

The biggest challenge I had until now is the immense urge to fap since day 85. I just want to fap. Fap the shit out!

I was going to relapse, I wanted to fap, for just once! But then I said to myself:” You are too big to fail” (There is actually a book with this name)

I worked so hard to reach this and it’s the first time in my life I reached this HUGE time without fapping. So why? Why do I have to fap? No, no way! I’m not going to stop here and I’m going for a year. Yes, you hear me Mr. Urge! One year! So let’s see what you are going to do to beat me. I know, I’m going to struggle very often, but be sure, I’m not going to let you control my life like you wish. This is my life!!! I’m the one deciding! Not you!

I think the 90 days are just the first milestone to overcome, and the hard work starts from there. Also, no hard mode anymore and I’m going to do just the NoFap challenge. I’ve started to look for a girl now 🙂

Thank you for reading and for your support!

Report for 90 days / Hard mode