Age 31 – My ED is much better now. Used visualization and hanging around girls to rewire


When I first started NoFap on Hard Mode I had really bad ED and DE to the point where I had almost given up on it I just did not understand it at all. But since doing this reboot I have learned a lot and my ED is much better now.

I started my 90 day reboot on 11/04/2017 and this is my timeline.

May 10, 2017 – 30 Days NoFap
June 10, 2017 – 60 Days NoFap
July 10, 2017 – 90 Days NoFap

30 Days of NoFap

For the first 30 days I did not experience much change. In fact I was completely flatlined I could not feel anything because I was just so numb and emotionless all over. I have to admit that I had my doubts about the whole NoFap getting over your porn addiction thing. During this period I was at my lowest because I was taking it very seriously. I disabled all of my dating profiles and stopped looking at all porn period.

Back then I was just so lifeless I had no urges to even look at anything pornographic or sexually stimulating. The first month for me was hard socially because i felt completely cut off from people. My main source of meeting people and girls was through dating and I forbid myself from doing anything which could lead to triggers.

Despite my loneliness I believe it was very beneficial because the addiction was starting to fade away and my focus had changed to other things.

60 Days of NoFap

When i hit 60 days of no PMO it was literally game changing for me! I desperately wanted to return to the dating scene my libido was back and I was starting to have morning wood again! This is something that I had not experienced for months because I was fapping off at least once or twice a day so I had become desensitized down there. But after 60 days of doing absolutely nothing the feeling was starting to come back!

I felt like I was ready to start meeting people and dating again because this loneliness was really starting to get me down. Every day was a battle and i think during this period it was really getting to me. My friends were out there meeting people and I was always alone, missing out on opportunities.

This is also where the stress of doing NoFap for so long was affecting me. I started to get headaches i guess it was just me getting myself worked up. Anyway around day 70 I made a compromise and decided to return to the dating scene. Not for sex but for the social aspect of meeting people again because I believe that in order for people to truly overcome this addiction they must form new neural pathways away from the porn.

So basically force yourself to go out there and meet people as it MUST become the normal way to interact with people. No more relying on cheap dopamine thrills from PMO which cheat you out of meeting people in real life. The more people you meet and interact with the stronger that connection becomes as you break the bond you have trained yourself to survive on with the porn addiction.

I remember one day when i went to this store to buy some toiletries. There was this really beautiful girl behind the counter, she turned her head in my direction and our eyes gazed at each other for a few seconds. I went over to the counter to pay for the stuff I bought and that is when it happened… Up close I noticed how beautiful she was and I got the biggest hard on I have had in a very long time and I did not even touch myself! Unfortunately I was out of practice because I had not really being talking to people much up to this point so I did not try to talk to her properly and left.

But at that moment I realised that a lot of my problems have been psychological and that i was starting to heal. This became even more apparent as I was unable to walk and literally had to stop walking because i was just too damn hard I could not move!

90 Days of NoFap

Once i made it to 90 days it felt like a complete transformation for me. I’m not going to lie, it was very hard to begin with and there were days when I thought about looking at porn again. I had one bad day where I came close to relapsing as i had got blue balls and in my experience I knew that fapping would relieve the pain. Luckily it went away after a day or so…

When I first started NoFap on Hard Mode I had really bad ED and DE to the point where I had almost given up on it I just did not understand it at all. But since doing this reboot I have learned a lot and my ED is much better now. I can’t speak for the DE yet as I have not been sexually active since starting obviously

One thing which worked really well for me in regards to significantly improving my ED problems was not touching myself at all, meditation and just being around girls. I did a little bit of image visualisation training too. Basically what you are doing is rewiring your brain. So instead of thinking about a porn scene I imagined myself with a real life girl someone I knew. It might sound a bit silly but this stuff actually works. You are going back to having that manly, primal way of thinking you don’t need to fantasise over something fake that you saw online. Get aroused by imagining yourself with a girl that is how it’s supposed to be we could all do that before we messed ourselves up with this porn.

LINK – 90 Days Hard Mode No PMO – My Success Story

by superninjared