Age 31 – Nervousness, OCD, social anxiety…all much improved in a month

Don’t know how to real introduce myself: average Joe, (kidding, phenomenal, the man, hot shot..) 31 years old with DE problem in the past, OCD, and social anxiety issues.

Fapping since age od 15, and from that time my OCD woke up and messed a little with my social life to age 30. Never used AD, never used shrink, did a TON of work on myself used magnezium, fish oils, vitamins, zinc and etc which helped a lot on aniexty, active person, the sport is on almost daily basis, bike riding, powerlifting, running which kept OCD and others on minimum.

With girls i didn”t have any issues only DE, which i put a thanks etiquette on my child hernia surgery.

With this years the fapping on porn didn”t spread on other perveted styles and fetishes, thank God, it kept the same. 3-4 times a week, maybe one more, less on weekend and thats it, no weird stuff.

My DE and OCD pushed me to find answers why is sex difficult for me and makes me feel even worse after watching it or consumed it? My first weeks on fapping in my life (it was on porn) are connected with OCD, that feeling that i did something wrong, and that my P will be cut off were the start of it. Every time after watching hardcore porn, the issues were mild sometimes worse, but the big mistake i did that i didn”t put any blame of that issues on hardcore stuff i was watching, but on myself general, porn was used to be and treated as normal at that time. Everyone watches them, right?

So, many years after that i gave a no fap a try on 30 days, noFAP November action, my first one, no fapping, no watching, no edging, last fapping was on 31.10, one month without fapping and lurking around porn sites.

But how to know is there any progress? Simply, put a 4 week report on some activities like energy, motivation, social anxiety, ocd, depression, self-esteem, first numbers were:

31.10.2015 Energy – 5 Motivation – 2 Anxiety – 5 OCD – 6 Sex fantasy – 3 Self-esteem – 4 Working instead of thinking about it* – 1 Nervousness – 7 Social anxiety – 6 Depression – 5

Scale is from 1-10 *I”m currently solo i don”t have a GF

4 weeks later…

1.12.2015 Energy – 9 Motivation – 9 Anxiety – 2 OCD – 2 Sex fantasy – 5 Selfesteem – 8 Working instead of thinking about it* – 9 Nervousness – 1 Social anxiety – 1 Depression – 2

Wow, right? 🙂

To sum it up, hardcore porn videos, porn images, porn gifs and etc will make you feel BAD, really BAD. It”s worse than alcohol and cigarettes combined on your mental status and i can gave you my word on that statement.

Fapping is not an issue for me, porn is harmful, after one month i learned that most of my emotional issues was induced by porn, really on this trip there were NO anxiety at any kind.

I edged after 1.12 just to look on some fine ass ladies in action (remember i didn”t fap since 31.10, still on 7.12), it came back, without fapping. Basicly, porn on it self put anxiety on me, not fapping.

Once again, did not fap, watched porn images, and anxiety woke up, it”s a fact for me.

Porn caused weird behavior, OCD, anxiety, shyness, static and definitely not active person when it”s consumed on hardcore stuff, it”s a obstacle on so many leves that you can”t imagine, you are limiting yourself when you are consuming that shit, my focus, concetration, memory recovered.

I used to recognize some stuff that i never in my mind thought i can remember. Energy? T levels are skyrocketing, i squated, deadlifted, harder than ever, hell, some movements that i thought i will never do it like muscle ups were peace of cake.

Superpowers? No, sorry, didn”t turn into Superman 🙂

Did i noticed other girls? Absolutely, never in my life i didnt saw so many beautiful girls in one month and their looks on me in one month, strange circumstance right? 🙂

Final conclusion for me and maybe for some of you who are reading this post. Hardcore is evil, any sort of it, movies, images, you name it, fapping and softcore stuff which focus is on sensation and feelings on normal level is acceptably for me.

To be raw,

The sensual movies, soft core, which is main focus on pleasuring not banging will not trigger anxiey of any kind on me. I will be fine after that.

Hardcore brazzers stuff with 2 double D girls who are banging in every hole on swimming pool on bright sunny day will cause mental fog, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, weirdness, social introvent behavior, low self-esteem on me.

But nothing can replace real sex, so i”m hoping that on my next noFAP journey which will be btw after new year it will come on order 🙂

LINK – 30 days report, maybe worth of reading

by Logitech2015

UPDATE – 100 days clean summer mode

Never ever thought it was possible, i thought i will be horny af, but now appreciate and love more myself and others. No envy, no jealous, no fighting, no more drama queen, no more control freak, no more shyness, no more anx, no more depression, no more runaway man and no more low selfesteem. Libido is high, lust is replaced with sensation and love, no more artificial stimulant and joy of porn when lust is priority and selfish acting is involved i.e hardcore, workouts are on top priority list, and so on and on.

Nofap made me a man i wanted to be.