Age 31 – Nofap may not be a magic pill, but it certainly helps. And it helps a lot

This will be short.

It’s been exactly a year since I’ve discovered NoFap. Got to 90 days twice, and relapsed a bunch of times, but never never thought of going back to PMO hell.

Just wanted to tell you guys, that it gets easier, but you have to build new and strong habits. Sports, exercise, any physical activity will make everything better on this struggling, yet fantastic journey. Running, gym, lifting weights, aerobics, cycling, swimming, football, baseball, soccer, jumping rope, and so on.

You have an almost infinite variety of indoor and outdoor activities to keep your body, mind and soul healthy and active.

Take action, get the fuck out of the computer and start working out. You have no excuses at all, if you really wanna get better.

I had a serious back injury, it lasted almost 6 months, but still, kept working out, and training hard.

Now that I am finally recovered after months of back pain, got back to the dojo and I am training karate up to 3 or 4 hours per day. And sometimes I feel it is not enough. Really, motivation and stamina through the fucking roof.

Fucking hell, a year ago, all I was doing was dowloading sick porn and edging/fapping everyday and night. My porn rituals were hardcore and sometimes i spent like 2 hours just searching for the right video.

Nofap may not be a magic pill, but it certainly helps. And it helps a lot. And what it does, it does great.

You just gotta keep going forward and take some extreme actions towards your goals.

If you were like me, an extreme hardcore porn fapper, then you know what I mean.

Go forward and dont look back. Hardcore approach.

Oops, it wasn’t that brief. Anyways, thank you for reading. Y’all are awesome. Long live nofap.

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by StereoRPM


Well, I had a friend from my teenage years that I havent seen for the past 4 years (my fault, i isolated myself because of depression and pmo and shit)

This dude never fapped, I know it. He told me many times, and i believe him because he never ever lied to me. Dont know exactly how or why he never fapped and wasnt into porn (while 100% of our friends did). Prolly he just didn’t developed the habit, but I remember him telling me about wet dreams, something totally strange to me, cause..well I used to fap 2 or more times per day since I discovered masturbation.. So for me that was weird.

He was one of the most loyal, trustworthy persons I have ever known. Probably the most.

Still, I always thought he was kind of an idiot. Guess it was just me feeling inferior.

Thing is, I now understand a lot of things about him. Why he acted this way or that way.. Why he was always surrounded by people. Why he was so devoted to his passions, to his career. Why he punished himself when he failed an exam. And why he kept studying like crazy to get his degree.

I remember telling him that he needed to chill out and stop being so hard on himself. He never stopped. He kept moving forward no matter what.

So yes, this pal was into nofap without even knowing it.

I’ve been thinking about him because I started changing my mind about a lot of people I used to hate or people that I used to found annoying or whatever.

Im over a year and some months trying to beat Pmo. Did some impressive things during this time. Stayed clean for months, working out hard.. And finally getting to 90 days without fapping was glorious.. Also overcoming a severe case of social anxiety. The nofap treatment worked.

But what surprises me the most is that I find myself a lot more comfortable with people, like I relate to them a lot more and focus on their positive aspects.

Nowadays, this friend of mine has a nice job, product of all those years of hard work studying (he is a long life nofapper but he isnt a genius, took him a bunch of extra years to get his degree) he is happily married and .. I know he is happy because he was it most of the time.

For many reasons, I always thought he was some kind of idiot, asshole, annoying friend. Maybe it was envy, jealousy , I dont know. We had some stupid fights too, maybe that was the reason..

But what I know, is that I feel like telling him all of this now, that I was rude, that I respect him and that he is an example to me. I want a healthy life, I want that determination to keep going on no matter what.

Funny how it all turns out.

Just wanted to vent all these newfound feelings. Guess that if I feel better about others, means that I am doing good.

LINK – I used to think thay my friend was kind of an idiot, he never fapped, he wasnt into porn…

By StereoRPM