Age 31 – PIED cured, rock-hard erections


TLDR: P.I.E.D. is a real thing. 31 years old, thought i had real ED. Found NF. Kept busy, NF’d and 3.5 weeks in, I’m getting morning wood and rock hard erections while making out and I have a strong sex drive atm.

I did a 26 day streak the other month, but after that, totally relapsed and started binging with multiple browsers open and wanking multiple times a day. It was pretty much all that effort thrown down the drain just by watching one, spicy youtube clip. Bright side is that I still was able to get my average time between wanks to about 4 days, while when I was in my mid 20s, it was like, a miracle just to go 2 days w/o pumping the trouser papaya.

so, i am on day 24 now. it was helped by a period of zero sex drive and limp dickness following a series of relapses. nothing gets you motivated like seeing no life below the belt and not feeling any good when you touch yourself. the zero sex drive continued pretty much up until day 18. then i started getting semi-boners and morning wood again.

i am also seeing this girl. we do some heavy make outs. this time, i had a rock hard erection just kissing with clothes on. this is a good sign. and i don’t even think about wanting to watching porn, but rather, what it would feel like to be inside her. honestly, i am getting rock hard w/o any touching just thinking about her body during the day.

so, the main challenge now is to try and not have sex. i also need to keep busy. this has been a busy past 24 days and i think that’s been key in allowing this streak. imo it’s boredom that causes us to fall back on bad habits.

Other benefits? Much less time wasted watching porn. cause i didn’t just watch it to get off — i would spend like an hour browsing through clips looking for the right one. sometimes that would interfere with things in life. Even worse is the feeling of being tempted, as i always felt tempted to open up incognito and go to my favorite, free streaming site.

Also, i have a stronger interest in women. i also feel less like a loser that just wanks it all day (though this is probably also because I am keeping busy).

LINK – 3 weeks + in… feels good spiritually and boner-wise

By ronsoness