Age 31 – PIED: It’s more than just the raw details of improved sex. I look at women differently now.


I will say right off the bat that I have been sexually active with women for over 10 years now… and haven’t had real sex with a woman until about a month ago.  The sex I had with women when I was knee deep in porn and hand lotion was an awkward, pitiful thing. It was a toss-up whether I could even get it up, regardless of how the girl looked. After all, she was no [XXX] in that one scene I saw when I was 20.

Assuming I do get it up, maybe I go soft while I’m inside the girl for no discernible reason. When this happened, 9 out of 10 times the night was ruined. Too embarrassed to think about finishing.

In this scenario, it’s the 1/10th chance where I get it hard enough again (not by fondling the bare breasts that’s actually in front of me, mind, but thinking about the bare breasts I saw on my iPad the night before), so I’m back in there…. giving her half softy thrusts for God knows how long because I just can’t ejaculate.

I grab the breasts, I kiss her, I thrust harder, nothing. I can tell she is getting bored, and that makes me go even softer, but then… I finally give in, close my eyes, think of some HD quality girl-on-girl action I saw the other day, get stupid hard all at once and cum. I am so ashamed that I can’t even look the girl in the eye.

….. This was before I decided to go without it for a while.

Just a month into this decision and I have to say that the other testimonies you’ve heard on this subject are so true. Sex is a COMPLETELY different animal when the lizard isn’t drained to its dregs from all the PMO.

The erections are harder, the thrusts are more powerful, the orgasms way more intense (for a while it will seem like masturbatory orgasms are more intense, but believe me they’re not). My girlfriend screams now. I’ve never made a girl scream before I decided to stop fapping. I feel like such a fucking champion.

And of course it’s more than just the raw details of improved sex. I look at women differently now… they seem so much more attractive and real. I feel like I can walk up straight and look them in the eye. More than that, you feel like you can take anything on. I am a quiet man by nature, but I find myself making jokes and being more social than I’ve ever been before.

I’m sure that all the other positive benefits that other testimonials go into are true and will happen to me eventually. What is most apparent to me now though is how I have completely transformed on a sexual and social level… and it’s barely been 3 months!

I guess this is my reality now. I am a rock star. ^^

LINK – 2 and 1/2 months in: Becoming a Rock Star.

by Furious George