Age 31 – Sex with my wife much more connected, energy to run, better memory, happier


Wet dreams? In the last 100 days I had 5 wet dreams. The most wet dreams were in the beginning. After a wet dream, i feel empty, tired, pain in my back, less concentration headaces and had a blown up belly. Sex with my wife In the last 100 days I had 6 times sex with my wife.

With 5 times a orgasm. My wife knows I’m struggle with PMO. She would love to have sex weekly, but the first 75 days of my reset it was much more important to me huge and love, instead of penetration. The sex is much more better then before this streak. I feel much more connected and love when we have sex, and Its more about love now, then pure desire. I hope in the future this only get better.

Any super powers?

  • More energy
  • No brain fog
  • Energy to run (didnt had that for over 3 years)
  • My long term memory works much better
  • Feel much more connected with the people and surrounding
  • Less anxiety and depressive mood swings
  • Feel more happy
  • Easyer to work on goals, I have more determination

What about the urges?

The first 50 days were een hell. day 50 till 75 ups en downs day 75 till day 100 much easyer.

I dont think allot about porn anymore. And its easyer to ignorge thouhts about porn

The most important thing to succeed on NoFap?

Well I’m bizzy with fightings against porn since my twentys. Im 31 years old now. Since I’m here on this reddit post a year ago, I’ve longer streaks then ever before. Normally it was like 3 or 4 days. And max like 14 days. The support of NoFap is great. And it helps to share your problemens with imporant friends. Ive talk about it with my mom, dad and wife. I feel supported and it helps me to fight urges and keep focuses.

A good defense when you are weak to regain your willpower?

  • Breath exercies (Prana Breath) on android
  • Push ups
  • Talk to my wife
  • Write something on Reddit NoFap
  • Scream
  • Take a walk outside
  • That it takes time, and this feeling will also go away. Just sit the ride out, take time, and chill.
  • If you ever fall back, start over. Just learn and smile.
  • Smile to yourself, be friendly
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Do something instead of looking porn: Start a company, read books, take a walk outside, talk to people

Did I reboot?

I’m on the good path, but it will take time. I think it will take about a year for a good reboot and rewiring my brain. I will make a summary after day 200.

What else did I do for recovery

  • Make goals every now and then
  • I have ADHD, I use since some years escitalopram and medikinet it helps me allot to focus and feel better
  • I had EMDR for trauma’s in my youth
  • I did see allot of therapists and also a sexual therapist to talk about my problems. Open myself and ask help is the most important thing to get full controle back of my life.

LINK – 100 days of NoFap

By tobetje