Age 31 – Sex with wife this morning, OMG – after 2 months without PMO


60 something days of hard mode. The main issue before starting was a serious drop in sensitivity. Sex with wife this morning, OMG… so yeah I don’t have that problem anymore. I’ve had the sensitivity issue for the better part of three years. Honestly I think I’ve forgotten what it used to be like, but this feels pretty damn good.

So, current plan is to have a good few romps and then transition into karezza. My original plan was to have a good hardmode streak and then go straight into karezza, but I just wanted my lady and she wanted me. So yeah, that happened. My hope is that a few lustful encounters won’t cause a relapse before we get around to trying karezza.

I’m 31. First started having issues around 28 – 29. Porn wasn’t really an issue, I would have binges once or twice a year. The real issue was mental fantasy combined with A LOT of edging. Edge + O + fantasy at least 2 – 3 times a week. Had an especially binge-y + edge-y weekend and then woke up Monday morning to a dead rubber dick.

LINK – 60+ days of hardmode in… sex with wife

by TuFFrabit