Age 31 – There are beautiful women all around waiting for us


It’s been almost half year since I started this nofap journey. I was depressed guy that lost his direction in life after a divorce, but I quit porn and worked on myself slowly and I indeed changed.

There she is. Nine years older than me, with amazing smile that can’t be resisted. Went for a dinner with her yesterday and suddenly I’m kissing her wildly. Then we headed to her place and things just happen on their own. We end up having slow passionate sex. She cries and says to me that it was simply most amazing thing that she had ever experienced and I wholeheartedly agree. Then we gaze at each other for hours silently.

This wouldn’t be possible without nofap. For the love of god, avoid porn. There are beautiful women all around waiting for us. Don’t waste time and energy on these silly pixels.

Stay strong!


Thanks to everyone for all these overwhelmingly positive reactions. It indeed looks like hollywood movie, but that’s the way it is. I’m 31 and she’s 40. I won’t list all the obvious nofap benefits that we all know, but single most notable and important benefit is that not fapping made me actually go outside and get what I genuinely wanted. I’m actually anxiety sufferer and without nofap I wouldn’t be able to do such bold move.

LINK – After half year, the reward finally came

By trve1337