Age 32 – After years of dead-dick syndrome with no morning wood or spontaneous erections, I’m built like a stallion now


120 days ago I was a 32-year-old socially-awkward, kissless virgin who could barely get hard to the most depraved porn you could imagine. After a few months of trying NoFap and only managing to go 2-3 days between relapses, I said enough was enough and dedicated myself to it with all my strength. I experienced most of the benefits that usually get posted here, but below are the changes that really made an impact on my life.


It got my libido back

After years of dead dick syndrome with no morning wood or spontaneous erections, I’m built like a stallion now. I pop random boners throughout the day and my morning wood is so powerful you could hang wet towels on it.

It almost reversed my male pattern baldness

I say almost because it isn’t completely reversed yet, but slowly but surely my hair is getting a little bit denser and thicker with each passing day. A couple of weeks ago an old friend who hadn’t seen me in a while asked if I’d gotten a hair transplant. That’s how dramatic it is. My beard is bit thicker too, but it was thick before so the difference is meh.

It landed me a 6-figure job

I aced a job interview and got hired on the spot. There were five of us waiting to be interviewed and I was the first in line. Twenty minutes later they sent the others home. It probably helped that I was around day 70 of semen retention and the interviewer was a cougar. Man, she was constantly playing with her hair and laughing at everything I said, it was unreal.

It got me a 10/10 girlfriend

Or better yet, she got me. Funny story, I had been doing some renovation work around the house and went into town to get some supplies. I hadn’t showered in two days and my clothes were all dirty, I even had a hole in my tshirt. Well get this, I’m walking around town minding my own business and out of nowhere this HBB comes up to me, runs her fingers through my hair and gives me her number. I was waiting for someone to tell me I had been punk’d, but she was the real deal.

We’ve been dating for two weeks now and I still can’t get over how beautiful she is. She kinda looks like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, only twice as hot. She also enjoys sex like crazy, which has prompted me to look into Karezza because I want to go back to practicing semen retention while still keeping her satiated.


NoFap alone CAN save you. That’s right, NoFap Hard Mode was all I did! I don’t meditate, I don’t read, I don’t exercise, I don’t take cold showers (fuck that shit!), I still spend too many hours on YouTube and I still prefer a bag of Doritos over a bag of asparagus.

Ignore the haters and everyone who says you have to completely turn your life around to experience the benefits. Also, fuck everyone who says it’s a placebo.

Thanks to NoFap and semen retention, I’m a new man.

Link – 120 Days – I’m no longer the 32yo virgin

by Space458