Age 32 – Became the life of the party; felt like a boss


I killed it at a local lounge. 6 of us; 2 girl/guy couples and another friend of mine and I were by ourselves. For 4 hours, I was on a roll, I kept everyone entertained, was talking to everybody, met some new people, people were actually leaning over to hear what I had to say.

Best part: 1 couple joined our group 1 hour later (they were friends friends). The girl kept on checking me out, STRONG eye contact, too many IOIs. she was trying to relate anything and everything I said to her, kept on trying to get me to notice her. She was with her bf who seemed extremely quiet/depressed so I couldn’t do that to him (thats what I told myself), but 30 minutes later, he left she decided to stay.

She left her spot on the couch and sat right next to me; I told her I was going out for a smoke and she wanted to join me. One thing lead to the other, and next thing you know, she’s inches away from me and puckering up. I’ll admit, I had STRONG urges and she smelled so good, but I told her I couldn’t as she was seeing someone. She just walked back inside; I finished my smoke and kept the party going on. Her IOIs continued but I was done with it.

54 days ago I would’ve done anything to even get her to look at me.

Fuck, I don’t know who this person inside of me is…I’m happy but scared shitless too; need to look into meditation more. At one point I definitely would’ve settled for her, heck even put her on a pedestal. I try to see people for what they are and how they treat others now.

I’m 32 and have been trying nofap on/off for over 2-3 years.

There are a lot of other benefits but I won’t be able to do justice to them by listing them down here. I’ll try to find some time and list my own but won’t be anytime soon, sorry.

TL;DR: Walked in; became life of the party; girl (who was dating someone else) came on to me, tried to kiss me, I had second thoughts but decided not to proceed. Felt like a boss.

Edit: Thanks for the feedback guys, I’m humbled.

LINK – Day 54. I killed it at a local lounge. Extremely close to being a douchebag.

By SThrowAway2014