Age 32 – Better sleep, More energy, Sharper memory and mental clarity, More confidence, More creative


For me, the biggest thing that NoFap has done for me is that it has started me on a spiritual journey of self discovery and enlightenment. When I first learned about this practice I would read about those finding “superpowers”, or “godmode”. And yes I think a lot of that comes from self discipline and just learning to turn negative, self abusive thoughts and practices (like porn) into positive actions.

However, I’m starting to believe that it goes deeper than that. In fact from what I feel and what I’m experiencing – NoFap, semen retention, perhaps the combination of the two has helped me reconnect with my soul.

I know what you’re thinking – wow, soul? What does that even mean really. Well, I do a lot of research trying to figure out life, death, what we are doing on this planet. And the deeper I go into things and the more I practice spiritual awakening methods the more I interpret this life as a spiritual matrix. I don’t want to say that life is a game, because it’s not, but – I do believe that this entire world is primarily made up of one thing: ENERGY. In the way that an avatar in a game has “life” and when you lose that life down from 100 to 0 (death) we have spiritual energy that exists in our soul. If you learn to harness that energy and not waste it that is when real happiness begins to come to you and you can learn how to interact with the world in a way that benefits yourself and others.

I’ve also begun to practice photography and I’ve gotten back into drawing as I used to do as a child. I also haven’t eaten meat in a month as I’m trying to raise my energy from eating a plant based diet. I keep having this feeling that I’m a child again, like senses are enhanced and colors are more vivid the way you remember growing up..

I know that is pretty deep but it’s what I believe. As for the physical benefits over the last few months I’ve noticed the following:

  • better sleep
  • more energy
  • sharper memory and mental clarity
  • more confidence
  • more creative

I hasn’t been all roses. I still drink alcohol occasionally and I notice that the times I struggle the most and when I feel like my spiritual energy has dropped is after I’ve over consumed alcohol, so that’s something to be wary of.

I haven’t been on the site for a while, and wanted to post an update on what I’ve learned over these last four months or so since beginning Nofap. My counter at approx 130 days comes with an asterisk. I’ve glanced at porn three times since starting this journey. However, I haven’t M’d or O’d the entire time. Over time I have been able to train my brain to avoid sexual thoughts. Of course we still have SOME sexual thoughts and even sexual dreams that we can’t avoid. I’ve been lucky to not have a wet dream yet even though I’ve dreamed of sex (knock on wood).

I hope that this helps someone and inspires them to keep going. Good luck to all! Stay strong. Remember that you control your life, and what you can’t control there’s no reason to let it effect you negatively anyway.


LINK – What I’ve Learned at 130 Days

by j__todd