Age 32 – ED: Sex 3 times in 8 hours! Not bad for a guy who couldn’t get it up at all 3 months ago.

Greatest achievement yet…Last night there was no slack at all, got hard… Put it in… Lasted awhile… It’s great to get my confidence back, it’s the first time in years that I wasn’t worried AT ALL about losing my wood.

After we finished she says “just let me know when you’re good to go again” I literally laughed out loud and secretly thought to myself, “shit I’m lucky to have one good experience”… But I was feeling pretty confident and a few minutes later (5 or 10). I was fired back up for round 2. I noticed some slight numbness but it didn’t worry me too much… I wasn’t sure I’d be able to climax a second time but I was proven wrong. It’s interesting because I’ve never had a great refractory period… I’ve always needed at least a half hour to recover, even in my younger days. So it was a nice surprise, but I’m not foolish enough to think it will be like that all the time…
then this morning we went for round 3 …

All in all 3 success stories with a great experience in less than 8 hours… Wheeew! Not bad for a guy who couldn’t get it up at all less than 2 months ago… Thanks for all the help everyone… I’m not sure if I am healed but I feel pretty great… I’m going to stick around the forum for sure, try to payback all the great support and advice that I’ve received.

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I am 32 and wish I had found this site sooner. I  have been dealing with  PIED for years now but until a few hours ago (when I discovered this site) I had no idea such a thing was real. In my younger days I think my youth allowed me to push through any potential issues but now I have run into problems with actual intercourse. For awhile i thought I had early onset ED or simply high anxiety. This lead down a disastrous road of performance anxiety incidents. I kept thinking ‘why can’t it be like in the porn videos’. At this point I thought I might have low T. I still havent ruled that out (I need to get a GP to get it checked) On my own I came to the conclusion that porn had ruined my brain but I had no idea if it could be reset. I started reading and doing research for how to reset my brain possibly with meditation or hypnotherapy… That’s when I found this site. I have to say after reading several posts I am certain that this has been and still is my problem. I have already cut out  any kind of electronic stimulus (the last one last week) I feel very fortunate to have found this online community for support. It makes me realize that I’m not the only one like this, and that there is hope for a remedy without pharmaceuticals. thanks for letting me join.