Age 32 – Gay, More focus, harder dick

I discovered this site about a year and a half ago and tried/stopped in fits and starts.  Well I got a kindle as a Christmas present and downloaded Your Brain On Porn because I was interested and it was only $5.

I will say this:  the information in that book is so shocking and scary that it has gotten me off of the stuff for good I’m sure.  It’s been over 30 days.  I don’t visit this site.  I don’t do a counter.  I barely even think about it at this point.  The biggest change was that book.  The information in it is REAL, guys, and it’s much more in-depth than the personal accounts etc. that make up a big part of this site.

I’m convinced that I now have information that is probably about 30 years ahead of what the rest of mainstream society has about high speed porn, and I’m completely done with it.  My body is slowly returning to normal but I see the changes.  More focus, harder dick, more intense and focused sex with my boyfriend (yep, I’m gay), etc. etc.  I don’t consume porn now for the same reason I don’t snort lines or smoke crack on the weekends:  because I now know how damaging it is to my body and mind.  I didn’t realize it until I read the book.

Like I said, I’m gonna keep this short and I’m out.  If just the knowledge of this site and the stories here cracks open the door a bit, that book blasts that fucker wide open.  READ THE BOOK.


by RLS


I’m a 31 year old gay guy who’s been having some issues with anxiety and porn induced ED for a few years now.  I’m refraining from PMO to try to get some control over this.  I went about 3 weeks earlier this summer and it was great.  I felt a lot of sexual energy and hardness, but eventually relapsed.  I’m serious about this now though.  Going on 2 weeks.  I guess my question is how you guys deal with nofap or rebooting or whatever when gay culture is so freaking sexualized?  It’s like everything is all about sex all the time.  That makes it very hard.  I also have issues sometimes with people using me for sex when I’m looking for something more than that.