Age 32 – Greater confidence, Better eye contact, Improved health & posture, More energy, Sleep less but don’t feel tired


I completed around 550 days so far, I am completely abstinent sexually. I started it on December 2014, and I never heard about nofap movement at the time of start. Just, I was in deep depression because of failure after failure lost multiple jobs and failed in a business.

A friend told me to conserve sexual energy and channelize in right direction, initially, I had lot of doubt and lack of faith but for me there was no other way, I remember just after start of around 30 days, I started feeling change in myself a lot of improvement, so I started searching Internet about it, I found no fap movement and started following it on YouTube and sometime on reddit.

I fell Porn and nofap cant move together, actually porn ignite sexual urges and mostly it end up at front of computer, with passage of time, I developed a deep repulsion from Porn, but I watched porn a lot of time just to understand, how it affecting and provoking mind or build pressure to lose most precious thing we all posses, I concluded a lot of things from it, now porn chapter is completely closed.

Initially it was very hard to sustain, but as I witnessed improvement, and bunch of faith made it easy to continue.

The benefits I have so far.

  1. High self confidence,
  2. better skin,
  3. better health,
  4. lean muscular body,
  5. better eyesight,
  6. better eye contact,
  7. walking posture is great,
  8. sitting posture is also nice,
  9. stay high with energy,
  10. positive thinking,
  11. I sleep less but don’t feel tired,
  12. stay active,
  13. deep sleep,
  14. nice dreams,
  15. deep voice,
  16. I talk clearly,
  17. better strength at exercise,
  18. my metabolism has improved,
  19. some time I have deep breath, it releases my stress,
  20. Improvement in hair thickness over my head,
  21. I feel I developed intuition for circumstances about to happen for people about to meet,
  22. I developed deep repulsion from porn,
  23. I have improved eating habits.

I am not opposed to find a partner, I never found her yet. it is all about destiny, I believe in love, in caring some one or to be in a healthy and good relationship, but it is all about destiny, I also think if I am not in a relationship then I have to take it as an opporstunity to channelize my sexual energies rather wasting ,without love just for lust.

I am 32 years old, my Idea is to transmute my sexual energies, if watching porn create pressure to loose then I will not watch and not do anything that inspire to waste energies, genrally I dont watch porn and know I also lost intrest in it, I think only loosers watch porn

I thing sexual energy is a very great force, with one and half year of celibacy I am a completly new man, I am better and strong.

I like to thanks all of you, keep posting and motivating, even the guys those who relapse and start again are highly motivating, I believe we are all destined to meet our love of life or our life partner, and if destiny is not bringing them closer then why aren’t we utilize this opportunity to grow healthy and wealthy by simply transmuting our sexual energy

I am sorry for comprehensive and grammatical error, English is not my first language, as I am from India, feel free to ask.

Thanks Regards

LINK – 550 days of celibacy and still continuing

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