Age 32 – I have this feeling that new experiences are possible


More self respect. Motivation to work out regularly. More at ease socially.…and I’m not going back. I still MO too much, but for me that is more of a “discipline” issue, and not so much a moral one. Quitting that poisonous trifecta of P-M-O though has meant a lot.

I’m not quite sure how to put this into words, but I have this feeling. That life isn’t simply a burden. That everything doesn’t just have to be “put up with”. That new experiences are possible. That a new self is possible. That things can “come into being” that did not exist before. Experiences. Relationships. Understanding. Abilities…

What I want to say is, when you take a stand against PMO, you are choosing life. You are turning towards -life-. That is the point. And it’s the same damn thing with any other so called “addiction” or emotional crutch.

Every day we have a choice to make. And that choice is life. Choose to choose. That is, choose to be the one who “chooses” not to do something destructive. Choose to be the one who chooses to care for their own moral compass. Porn is the negation of yourself as one who chooses. Why? Because you never “choose” porn. You “give in” to it. And so you “give up” on really choosing. You simply exist instead of living. And that is what goes hand in hand with just “bearing” life. It’s a waste. It’s a huge crying shame. And we all each of us know it. The challenge is to remember.

If you haven’t visited this site take a moment and please do:

Accept their hugs. Remember that you have a choice. And choose to be true to yourself.

Finally a song I’m dedicating to you guys:

Stay strong everybody. I’m 32 going 33.

LINK – 51 Days Without PMO…

By ImGoing2Jackson