Age 32 – More social, High self-esteem & confidence, Inner calmness, Attitude towards females changed

I made it to 99 days. I am going to continue and not going to look back. Like most, my P started from the age of 15. I used to PMO for around 17 years, even after I got married. It all started when friends and people around you, say it is normal and one should do it.

I did not have anyone to give me the proper direction/ advice and in the teenage years. I was having a very low self esteem, can not approach people, can not take my own stand, was merely a follower and a listener. I was very shy and afraid of being public. I was observing celebacy for some time but found it difficult as P was available on a click of a button.

After I joined this forum and read experience of others I decided to take up this challenge. It is difficult, but it is really worth. Sex is fine but no PMO for me. Started on Dec- 29. I refrain my self downloading P chat messages (successful 80% of time) , complete block of P sites on computer. All who are following this path- my advise to you is, in your mind, program that P is evil or some kind of disease and slowly you will see yourself come out of it.

I regret that I lost my golden career shaping years to PMO. some times I used to MO when the next day I had university exams, just to release the stress. Now I realize, how foolish I was. BUT It’s never too late.

I will start with the tips first and then the benefits I am observing.


1. Cultivate a good passion/ habit, singing, playing musical instrument, join class, I enjoy public speaking so I joined public speaking clubs
2. Be social- Go out enjoy with family and friends
3. Cold shower is very good as mentioned in the other posts
4. Block all P on your computer
5. Follow your passion- remember life is very short
6. Work hard and compete with your self first
7. As will smith says- Take one goal at a time and have a will to die for it
8. Remember for life- PMO is not good, it leads to multiple bad things- to us and to society
9. Do charity or volunteering as you will have a lot of time to be spent productively when no PMO :) 10. Any one can get out of addiction, you just need to decide and act.
11. I wish I could have this life skill when I was young but never mind, Let’s make sure to spread the awareness
12. Do not spend time too much on computer, it will lead to P addiction, instead go out play, be social, help some one, there is a lot you can do and spend your time better then the pixel Ps.
13. Exercise dily/ 4 times a week, when I am not exercising I do cycling, physical activity is a must to exert your energy

Below are some benefits I am observing-

1. first, I have more time for my self, to pursue my passion :) 2. Self awareness, some will find it as a spiritual discovery of them self
3. quality sleep
4. I feel more social now, I can strike a conversation no matter how difficult it is
5. Instead of a problem, I think of a solution
6. Inner calmness
7. Better eye- eye contact with the other person in conversation
8. high self esteem and confidence
9. My attitude towards females have been changed, I do not objectify any more

And, if you have read this far (Thanks), I would like you to answer a question-

“How should we teach this life skill to the future generations or cultivate this habit from teen age”?”

Thanks and god bless all!!!

LINK – My journey report- 99 Days and counting

by blogboy