Age 32 – My concentration is up and my anxiety is down

Well I did it. I made it 90 days with no fapping, watching porn or orgasms. It was very tough at first but after around 40 days it became such a great feeling that I had made it that far.

I even told my friends. Sure they mocked me for a while but after a while I think they respected me and one friend even said he tried it before for a few weeks. Later on my friend told me his girlfriend (who found out about my Nofap challenge from my mates) later said she liked me and thought I was ‘quirky in a good way’.

My confidence level has gone way up and my head is much clearer.

I did decide to fap once after the 90 days but only because I was getting quite painful blue balls and worried about causing too much strain down there. I didn’t watch porn though so I don’t really feel to bad about it. I’m still more than pleased, yeah I will reset my badge now but I know it can be for another 90 days (I plan to try longer).

I broke the daily habit and got outside and met with people. My concentration is up and my anxiety is down. Stay strong fellow fapstronauts. Anything is possible!


I was about 13 when I first got the internet and therefore porn. (slow download on less than 56kbps modem!) but even before that I’d seen magazines in bushes in the park. (what’s the deal with that too!?)

I’m 32 now. It was my birthday last Tuesday and I even got laid that night in Denmark. I didn’t O though because I’d had too much to drink and also didn’t want to. Actually was amazed I didn’t.

It was at 60 days when I started to feel the most difference. I felt so energised and I felt more attracted to normal women.

LINK – 90 days done. Time to start again.


by daneasy