Age 32 – PIED cured, dating a wonderful woman now


I’m at 90 days PMO free. I’ve mainly done “hard mode” but I started dating a woman about 2.5 months ago and we had sex for the first time last week.

I had wanted to wait a bit longer but it just happened. For the record I have a new problem now which I’ve never had before. Premature ejaculation! Ahhh….there’s always a struggle. I cant complain, I am very very blessed.

So how did I reach 89 days and counting? Well, I realized that at age 32, if I ever wanted to keep a girlfriend/get engaged/have a wife/have the life I want, and overcome porn-induced erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety, i NEEDED to stay focused!

From my personal experience, once you get past 15-20 days, it becomes easier. If you’re anything like me, you told yourself time and time again, “This chapter of my life is closed! I’m done with PMO. Fuck it, its over, its done, I dont want it. Why do I keep going back?” You eventually reach a point where you’re just fed up. Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

I remember very well the last time I intentionally PMO’d. And lets face it, when we’re deep into PMO we basically PLAN to do it, we SET ASIDE TIME to do it. Even LOOKING FORWARD to it. Well FUCK! THAT! NONSENSE! It was Aug 31, 2015. I stayed up late watching Final Destination 2 or 3 I forget which one exactly. At any rate, I had my phone nearby which was a mistake and thats it. I felt awful and decided I would do whatever it took to stay on track.

I focused on finding a real relationship. I’d been single for the vast majority of the past 4 years. I was ready for a relationship and deep down longing for one. A relationship with the right woman. I joined a couple of dating sites and in November I found a wonderful woman whom I’m currently dating. I did have one slip in mid October but it wasnt an intentional PMO session, it was a lapse of judgement with morning wood.

Let me just say this. Push hard to make it to 2-3 weeks PMO free. Beyond that, you’re on track. You’ve put it behind you. Porn does not define you, it does not control you. It is not part of your routine and its not any part of your life at all anymore.

If I can do this you can. I PMO’d for over 15 years almost daily. I feel so completely liberated and I literally laugh at this new challenge of premature ejaculation. I used to be able to PMO every day except days that I slept with a girlfriend but then porn-induced erectile dysfunction happened and hit me like a knockout punch in the head and stomach. It devastated me. That was September 2014 and it took me 16 months to get here but I’m here. You can be too.

LINK – Tomorrow I’m at 90 days! If I can do it, ANYONE can. BUT you need a good reason to stay focused.

by ThisIsYourLifeNathan