Age 32 – PIED nearly cured. Social anxiety is gone


It took me two weeks to see the first smallest results. 3 months to feel a very noticeable difference (like out of the placebo range). Something like 6 months to consider myself cured from PIED. Today I’m a year and a half into nofap, I’d say I’m 85% back to my former amazing self.

What worked for me ? From the most important to least :

  • Semen retention.
  • Drinking massive amounts of water.
  • Eating/drinking less/lighter/easier to digest.
  • Quitting other bad habits. For me it was coffee, Hookah smoking, porn and alcohol.

Semen retention gives you more energy and more discipline, both qualities are invaluable. Drinking water speeds up digestion, prevents you from being dehydrated and make you feel like you are doing something useful for yourself everyday in a easy manner. Drinking water is so easy and so powerful there is simply no excuses to not do it. The more water you drink the better.

Better digestion helps with everything. Less negative thinking, better stamina, better sleep, better feeling overall. Quitting porn gives you more confidence, less shame, more social in general. Quitting any addiction involving exciting substances further help to recover a proper digestion. It also further improves your discipline, thus your confidence.
Icing on the cake :

  • Cold showers. I’ve tried this on and off for extended period of time, I didn’t see any difference. Builds discipline anyways and a “stop messing around and jump” mentality.
  • Working out. On and off, didn’t see any difference. Still build discipline and a better body hence better confidence.
  • Meditation. On and off, didn’t see any difference. Builds discipline anyways. Helps me understand what type of food agitates my mind. Helps me get rid of unwanted thoughts (less negativity).

I’m 32. Everything adds up. Everything works in synergy. Also Porn/Masturbation/Orgasm is the biggest culprit when it comes to Erectile Dysfunction. But the rest plays its part too.


BY – Pierre-Marouille


I had all of this (social anxiety). I’m completely cured now. I started nofap a year ago, today I’m in my biggest streak ~6months.

I did nothing besides waiting. What changed is that my heart is no longer racing for no reason and I don’t feel constantly in the wrong place or being judged (even though nobody is watching me). It didn’t change anything in my behavior, I just do what I have to do calmly, fully present to the moment. Anxiety gone totally. I’ve got so much “free time” in my head to process what I’m witnessing that I start to notice other people being anxious, making nervous gestures, mumbling, etc..