Age 32 – PIED – Not a virgin anymore!


So, back in December 2015 I was virgin at the age of 32 who decided to stop fapping at it turned my life around 🙂 What happened to me during these days: I stopped watching porn and I don’t have any desire to watch it again. I’m not aroused by porn anymore but I get boners when my girlfriend hugs me.

I became much more confident and adopted a kind of DGAF attitude.

I ran two half-marathons and lost weight.

4 months ago I found myself a beautiful and caring girlfriend and lost my virginity to her. 1 month ago she moved in with me.

At first I couldn’t come from PIV sex at all and it took loooong time for me to come from a handjob because of “death grip”. Fortunately my girlfriend (she’s 27) was extremely supportive, I explained to her the situation and we decided just to keep trying. BTW, she still can’t believe a guy could be virgin at 32 :))

Around a month ago I had my first PIV orgasm in a condom, so it took me around 7 or 8 months to cure my death grip. I still can’t come from a BJ, though.

I fapped 4 times during this period (once my girlfriend asked to show her how it’s done, then on two occasions we had Skype sex and once I masturbated voluntarily when I was travelling away from my GF).

So my advise to everyone:

  1. Delete all your porn.
  2. Install K9 web protection.
  3. Find youself a “social” hobby (I joined a popular local running club) to meet girls.
  4. Don’t wait until you’re 32 🙂

LINK – 300 days report

By throw_it_away_n

Around 9 months ago a lovely lady undressed in front of me <…>. I didn’t feel absolutely anything. I didn’t want it at all. She was quite surprised: “Are you not horny?” I thought: “You are just a girl and not those two extremely beautiful and fit BDSM lesbian gals I’ve been looking at the whole week”.

“I had too much to drink,” I blatantly lied. Rinse, repeat with some other girls with slightly different plots. I come back to my place and have no trouble to get it up looking at porn.

Suddenly, I realized that 20 years of PMO had taken their toll. I walked the road from Playboy to extreme porn and to the point where I started to question my own sexuality and met that not-very-nice guy who goes by the name of ‘Death Grip’.

Only then I googled for “erectile dysfunction caused by porn” and came across various resources (including this subreddit) that explained that I had to stop masturbating and watching porn to get myself cured.

At first I was scared to stop masturbating. I thought that my balls were going to explode without a release. I remembered all the articles that told me that masturbation is healthy and normal.

Anyway, I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a go.

I didn’t have unbearable urges, but to my surprise, I, without realizing it, my body acting subconsciously, tried to open my favourite porn website (in fact, my brain still tries that)! Thanks to K9 web protection those weak attempts of my mind to look for porn were blocked. Without a website blocker I probably wouldn’t make it to 90 days. I also deleted my vast porn collection.

I won’t bother you with the full timeline of my nofap journey, but in the end: I was scared to stop masturbating, now I’m afraid of starting masturbating again. Afraid? No, terrified! Two days ago I had a dream where I was masturbating. I woke up that moment in a sweat thinking “NO, STOP, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! NO, NO, NO!!!”. Then, when I realized that it was just a nightmare, I was so fucking relieved…

And why is that?

I’ve started to run and I’m extremely proud of my achievements. Previously I had countless excuses and even couldn’t run for three minutes without being extremely winded. Now I comfortably run for 30 minutes without stopping. Please don’t laugh, it is an achievement for an unfit person %)

I play piano now. I even found the courage to play inside a train station and got a round of applause.

I can look into people’s eyes.

I’ve become more confident and assertive.

I can confirm that without any doubt girls look at me differently.

I see that my PIED symptoms started to disappear – I got a semi just talking for 20 seconds to an extremely friendly female shop assistant.

Yes, I still have urges, sometimes I still think about porn, but I don’t want to lose the new life I’m experiencing, so I go forth to 150 days.

I’m 32, started full PMO at around 11.

LINK – 90 days positive report

by throw_it_away_n