Age 32 – Sexual performance problems over, new energy

I’m 32 and started watching erotic material at age 13 or so… I haven’t watched one single porn clip since April 2012. I discovered YBOP back then. I was shocked and it all made sense to me and it wasn’t really hard to stop watching porn.

I had severe loss of libido, like a chronic flatline with numbness and all that and had some embarrassing encounters with women.

I hoped that not watching porn would heal my libido problem. And really: I made some good progress.- But not enough for my taste. Because what I was missing out was that you shouldn’t touch your dick at all! I was still playing around with it – without porn. I was having my hands on it quite often.

Only 36 days ago I stumbled across “hard-mode”. This was the missing link! The answer! Let me tell you what I experienced: After a few days without any touching a new kind of energy was awaking in me. A very “clean” and “healing” “pure” energy! I felt amazing. My confidence level went up big time and every morning I would awake with an unbelievable big super hyper mega morning wood!!!

I was feeling extreme confident in social situations, could look people in the eyes without problems and was feeling like “doped”, really. Good fitness and yes it’s true: women will check you out! And your feeling like you’re the man! And yes, you ARE the man!!! haha. 🙂

No surprise that “the system” does promote porn and masturbation. They don’t want strong men with energy. They want weak, timid slaves!!!!! They are easy to control!!!

At day 20 or something I think I entered a massive flatline (was tired and a little bit depressed), came out of it at day 30 mark and then I visited my ex (long story) and we made love that was like from another planet! The problem is: I didn’t want to O, but I came! I tried to suppress it, but half of it made it through…so I fear that my streak is now over?? 🙁

What do you guys think? Is ejaculating with a partner so bad? Or do you recover faster from it then from MO? I was planning not to ejaculate in 2015 at all anymore…:-( At the moment I don’t feel so good..but that could be other factors (ex) and a negative placebo effect (nocebo)

Greets! You’re awesome! I love you all, you crazy fellow nofappers!!!

LINK – 3.5 years without porn, 36 days nofap- then sex

by nofapsuperman