Age 32 – The term “Superpowers” makes me want to punch myself in the face, but I can see what people are talking about

I’m not a frequent visitor or reader of NoFap-related stuff anymore, but here because I feel obligated to make a 90-day report to you folks because I learned a lot from this sub in the first week or two.

I don’t want to sound too negative, but I also don’t want to post under false pretenses, so I’ll freely admit that some of the posts I find in this subreddit are among the most cringeworthy sights I’ve ever laid eyes upon, among them, the sappy click bait, the folks preaching about NoFap benefits when they just jerked off yesterday, and habitual relapsers shedding tears on their keyboards.

For the purpose of self-improvement, I started Hardmode NoFap on a whim 90 days ago after many, many years of daily (often more than once) MO, often with P. Self-control has really never been a problem, but I live a stressful life and I am a very sexual guy, so I got myself into an unhealthy and shameful routine as a means of stress relief. I kinda like challenging myself sometimes, so I figured what the hell, lets see what happens if I try this. I just happened to randomly see the words “NoFap” somewhere online, Googled it, started the next day and never had any relapses or serious close calls.

I’ll share a couple stories and a few things I noticed, in near-random bullet form:

• It was very difficult to keep my hands off my dick for the first week, and that alone proved to me that I had a problem. I felt like a pathetic little worm. That was my motivation to continue. I don’t want to have problems, least of all, PMO addiction.

• After that, I felt much better. I had a bit of a flatline (the first of two), but it was not big deal. I almost instantly felt more clear-headed, confident, and less reserved. I’m normally a pretty social person, but I kicked it into overdrive. I began striking up random, humorous conversations with everyone, notably the hottest girls I could find, anywhere I could find them. School, work, grocery store produce sections, etc.

I was prepared to laugh them off if they tried to blow me off or acted snobby, but that wasn’t the case. Most of them were really cool, and I think they appreciated the no-strings-yet-semi-flirty, short, random acts of bullshitting.

• The two separate dead-dick flatlines were disheartening, especially the one that happened around day 30. I thought I was over that after the first short one. It passed.

• My skin looks a lot better. I used to have some darkish circles under my eyes, but so do many of my family members. I figured it was hereditary; however, they are almost entirely gone now.

• Energy level is improved, and I sleep better now, except for that period around 50 days when I would repeatedly wake up with morning wood. That kinda sucked, actually. I couldn’t sleep while pitching a tent.

• Speaking of morning wood, that was pretty interesting. Every damn day for a month it seemed, hard enough to break a old-school Coke bottle over it. So hard that my penis felt sore all day, a soreness similar to what’s felt after lifting weights.

• During that 50-60 day period when the morning wood situation was happening, I was having these intense fantasies during the night and especially as I was half-awake in bed. I wasn’t thinking about porn though, it was the freaky ex-girlfriends that had me going. In short, I was exceptionally horny, so I decided to do something about it, since it had been a couple years since I had a real girlfriend…

• One afternoon, I tried publically browsing an online dating site (POF) because my best friend had found her last two long-term girlfriends on there. I had never tried online dating before. I browsed for a couple hours and I selected one really awesome and beautiful young lady with whom I felt compatible for many reasons, emotionally and intellectually. Plus she was sexy! Remember what I said earlier, how I had been talking up every hot girl I could find with much success? That was practice.

I specifically set up a POF account just to meet this one girl, and using the hot-girl-socializing skills I had practiced in public, I make my move and I blew her away. We met a couple days later and hit it off better than I have ever hit it off before. We’ve been together damn-near every day since. It’s only been 5 weeks, but this has ‘long-term’ written all over it in big block letters. And I’m not usually one to feel that way. Quite the opposite, in fact, which has been a problem in the past with keeping girlfriends.

The story is almost too good to be true, especially from a random Internet poster. I’ll admit that. It’s true though. I literally selected the coolest, hottest girl I could find on a dating site full of cool, hot girls, and I absolutely nailed it. I feel this is largely (but not entirely) due to a chain-reaction of events resulting from my starting NoFap for the shits-and-giggles.

NoFap Begins → Confidence/Zero Fucks Given → Tons of Socializing → Intense Horniness → Nothing to Lose/Subzero Fucks Given → Tries Something New → Get’s Awesome Girl → Hardmode becomes Softmode → Confidence Hit New Heights, Carries on to Many Aspects of Life → Life is Good

• In summary, using the term “Superpowers” makes me want to punch myself in the face, but I can see what people are talking about now. Guys, just grow some sack and stop engaging in bad habits that you claim to disapprove of. Don’t ‘try’ to do something, just ‘do’ it and move on. You won’t regret it. The urges don’t last forever. You might be surprised how PMO can become the furthest thing from one’s mind. The benefits are entirely worth it. Just be the person you want to be.

Fun Fact: I also felt inclined to try growing a full beard during this NoFap 90-day test. I’m 32, and I had never tried growing a full beard. Again, it was like “fuck it…why not?” It looks better than I thought it would. Looks great, actually. r/Beards

I’ll close with my favorite quote because it’s applicable to NoFap and self-improvement, in general:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi

TL/DR: Life is better without a dick in your hand.

LINK – Obligatory 90-Day Report

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