Age 32 – There is lot of raw energy in me

[1 month] Hi 32yr old male. Late intro to porn(at 25).Did nofap for 6 months about 4 yrs ago. Then i fell sick[infection].But got cured after 9 months treatment.(phew).During that time i was not in the health to mo.After regaining strength i understood that mo is not absolutely necessary but continued pmo . The funny thing was that i would not pmo for like a week then suddenly do that for 2-3 days(once a day).One month ago i suddenly decided to start nofap and because of all you guys i am in hard mode.The things that are helping me: 1. Not searching for sexually provoking pics / videos. Avoid even skimpy dressed pics/vids. 2. Stop fantasizing. Once again i thank you all.

LINK – 1 month nofap

by liferedeemer

[2 months] Hi I think that nofap is really about recognizing that pmo is a habit.After many years of pmo, it becomes a part of our life. We forget that life can go on without pmo.If i can be stricter; even o is not a need but a choice. But nofap is the tool for me to recognize this.My mind will play nasty tricks but i will not blame it for doing its job.Maybe nofap will show an aspect of me which is not physical.Thank you my fellow fapstronauts.


I had the 3rd wet dream of 73 days hardmode.Interestingly the dream was more auditory than visual. I think it was because of my unwillingness to watch sexy pics/vids. The mind can be very clever hahaha.

LINK – sleep ejaculation

[90 days] The main thing i notice is that there is lot of raw energy in me . i had that in the past too but after i started nofap, i can hold the energy despite the discomfort. I am not stopping hardmode here.Thanks for your support and motivation.

LINK – 90 days