Age 33 – 20 years of daily jacking, 10 years of PIED and DE: Rebooting works!

Just want to give some encouragement to those of you experiencing erectile dysfunction and/or delayed ejaculation. Quick facts and history, I’m 33, first masturbated when I was around 8, maybe even 7.

Became a regular pretty much daily thing since I was about 13.

Began to experience weak erections and delayed ejaculation when I was 23, by 26 I was totally impotent when with another person, but fine when alone with porn.

So I’ve been jacking it pretty much daily for about 20 years, PIED and DE kicked in 10 years ago, even at that, I can tell you recovery CAN be quick.

I had no clue what was wrong with me, I was embarrassed to talk about it, so I avoided sex.

3 years ago my searching finally started arriving at a possible answer, I found yourbrainonporn and NoFap.

My first attempt I made it 39 days hard mode, got with a girl on day 39, couldn’t get it up, relapsed the next day and slipped back into PMO, got stuck there for another year, a week of abstinence here and there but no real recovery process happening.

Around a year later my second hard mode streak went 59 days, I just gave in to blue balled urge and slipped back into PMO. Again I was stuck in the cycle.

Now my current attempt has went a little differently, because on around day 30 I started dating my girlfriend, she has no idea of my past or current problems.

We started having sex soon after getting together and I used ED drugs to mask my PIED.

I honestly believe this has actually helped my recovery, I was able to train my brain to rewire for sexual contact with a human being, not a screen, my sensitivity and delayed ejaculation issues were as good as gone by the time we started having sex. So it took about 35 days for that to be ‘cured’. And I am telling you, for the last 10 years I have found it pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to orgasm during sex. One particular position, super concentration and a LONG time and it might have been possible. Just 35 days and that’s fixed.

So last night my girl was staying over, we’d had a long day and were both tired, I didn’t feel in the mood for sex so didn’t take any ED drugs and hadn’t taken any ED drugs in about 4 days.

But to ‘cut to the chase’, instinct took over, I became interested, was able to achieve an erection and have sex.

Once I post this my counter will tell me how many days it’s been, but I honestly thought I was the type of case that would take about a year to recover, thankfully it’s nowhere near that long.

I still have a way to go to get to ‘full strength’, but for those suffering from these things, the NoFap recovery process works!

TL;DR – 20 years of daily jacking, 10 years of ED and DE, thought my case would take a year to recover, recovered in whatever my counter says. (Edit: 70 days)

LINK – Long sufferer of PIED and DE – Rebooting works!

by bananabastard